Unpackaged LED will be available

Unpackaged LED will be available In addition to enhancing thermal performance from a system perspective, with the popularization of LED lighting applications, the requirements for heat-dissipating substrates have become increasingly stringent. LED substrate materials and technologies have also made progress in recent years. The latest trend is for silicon-based gallium nitride. Development of (GaN-on-Silicon). Basically, because sapphire substrates face technical bottlenecks, LED manufacturers are actively looking for new substrate materials, and silicon-based GaN can reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion, not only can enhance the LED luminous intensity, but also can significantly reduce manufacturing costs, improve thermal performance, Therefore, it has become a new technology that the industry is striving to develop.

For example, Bridgelux and Toshiba have jointly developed silicon-on-silicon nitride white LEDs and mass-produced them in an 8-inch wafer fab in Kaga, Japan, in October last year. Toshiba and Pratt have co-operated since January 2012. Together with Puri's long crystal and LED chip structure, and Toshiba's advanced silicon manufacturing process, the two sides have successfully developed a LED chip with a maximum light output of 614 milliwatts. Only 1.1 square millimeters, the maximum light output reaches 614 milliwatts. Makoto Hideshima, Toshiba’s corporate vice president and executive vice president of the semiconductor and storage products subsidiary, said that 8-inch silicon-based gallium nitride LEDs have achieved the best performance under the close cooperation of Toshiba and Prado.

In addition, the Chinese mainland company Jingneng Optoelectronics (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. has also mass-produced silicon-based GaN LED chips. Its operating current is 350 mA, and its luminous efficiency has reached 120 lumens per watt. It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. , And more than 20 customers have begun to introduce the design, the company will be introduced from the 6-inch wafer into 8-inch wafers this year. According to reports, Osram Opto Semiconductors, Philips Lighting, and South Korea’s Samsung Group have all actively invested in the development and production of silicon-based GaN LEDs.

Semi-harvester for Agriculture:

The semi-feeding harvester can complete the harvesting, delamination, separation of stems, removal of sundries and other processes at one time, and the Rice Harvester machine for obtaining grain directly from the field is mainly suitable for rice harvesting, wheat harvesting, and this reaper machine can adapt to deep mud feet. Under the serious harvest conditions, the grain cleanliness after harvest is very high, and at the same time, the stem integrity after harvest can be guaranteed, so that farmers can complete harvesting and granulation with a single operation, thus saving manpower and material resources and greatly reducing the burden of farmers.

Semi-harvester for Agriculture02

Semi-harvester for Agriculture Technical Parameters:

1. Size: 3650*1800*1820 (mm)

2. Weight: 1480KG

3. Engine Fuel: Diesel

4. Harvest numbers line: 3

5. Harvesting width: 1200 (mm)

6. Cutting height range: 50-150 (mm)

7. Threshing depth control system: Manually

8. Adaptation crop height: 650-1200 (mm)

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Semi-harvester for Agriculture

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