Components are still the main application areas of industrial robots

As the third largest demander of industrial robots in Asia, China has a stable market development. Automobiles and their parts manufacturing are still the main application fields of industrial robots . With the continuous adjustment and upgrading of China's industrial structure and the transfer of international manufacturing centers to China, China's robot market will further increase, and the speed of market expansion will be further improved.

For foreign pioneers and leading advantages, the research and development of China's robot industry lags far behind the United States and Japan, and even one step behind that of South Korea, especially in the middle of adolescents, the scientific activities of robot assembly and production are not carried out. It will be related to China's industrial development after two or three decades.

In recent years, when we studied the cultural and creative industries, we found that foreign countries are developing a future industry that is closely related to the cultural industry and science and technology. The research, development and manufacturing of robots, in addition to the traditional scientific and technological workers engaged in academic research, In addition to the university research echelon and specialized research personnel of enterprise products, a large number of young people have actively joined this emerging new trend of science and technology. The following is our investigation and reflection on the development of this industry abroad. status quo

Since the 1980s, China has been conducting research on industrial robots in universities and research institutes. In the past 20 years, it has achieved a lot of scientific research results. However, since there is no organic integration with enterprises, there are still no influential products and large-scale industries. At present, apart from a Sino-Japanese joint venture robot company based on assembly, industrial robots with independent intellectual property rights are still in sporadic production organized by universities or research institutes, failing to form a climate. In the past 10 years, the price of imported robots has been greatly reduced, which has had a certain impact on the development of industrial robots in China. In particular, ordinary industrial robots manufactured by China alone cannot compete with them at price. In particular, in the early days of developing robots in China, the corresponding parts and components industry was not developed simultaneously, which made domestic enterprises only rely on imported imported parts in the process of producing robots, which further weakened the price competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.

The development of industrial robots has long been limited by the high cost and low domestic labor prices. With the sustained and rapid development of China's economy, the average annual growth rate of GDP in recent years has remained at around 9%. The level has been continuously improved, and the labor supply pattern has gradually shifted from the “buyer” market to the “seller” market, and the supply exceeds supply to supply and demand. Migrant workers, who are the main force of manufacturing, have also raised higher demands on wages and working conditions from the early solution to the problem of food and clothing. These circumstances have made it costly for many labor-intensive companies to increase the number of workers and increase the labor time of workers in order to increase labor productivity, and are also hindered by legal restrictions and policies. Both companies and society recognize the need to improve the amount of technology and capital from the improvement of machinery and equipment to reduce the amount of work to cope with this change. In short, the reduction of labor surplus, the rising cost of individual workers, the higher requirements for product quality, and the importance the state attaches to the equipment manufacturing industry have improved the use environment of robots. Industrial robots and technologies have gradually gained government and enterprises in China. Pay attention to it. With the widespread popularization of robot knowledge, people's understanding and understanding of various robots has gradually deepened. It has become the consensus of the whole society to use robot technology to improve China's industrial development level, transform from a manufacturing power to a strong country, and improve people's quality of life.

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