Why Samsung Note 7 exploded? Survey results announced next month

After the Galaxy Note 7 explosion, Samsung will soon conclude a defective battery supply Samsung SDI, the results with the National Bank ATL battery is in the move, replace its new the new battery is also a problem, Samsung confused, admit Wufa Locate the source of the explosion.

According to the latest report from the Korean media, Samsung will announce the final findings in December and the mystery of the Note 7 explosion will finally be revealed.

It is reported that Samsung is working with a number of product safety agencies in the United States and South Korea to determine the cause of Note 7 explosion.

As for the battery, what factors have caused Note 7 to explode and there are no clear clues.

Some people doubted that Note 7 was pursuing the appearance of exquisite, compact shape caused internal instability, but this is only a guess, Samsung did not comment.

Foreign media pointed out that as the next-generation flagship Galaxy S8 is getting closer and closer, Samsung has also taken the initiative to disclose its trends on multiple occasions. Note 7 explosion time must have a clear result as soon as possible.

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