The fans must read: LeTV TV three major skills, can see hundreds of direct broadcast

LeTV in the smart TV market, leading the new trend of content + hardware, with high cost-effective hardware, as well as from LeTV's massive content, has attracted many fans to start, become a dark horse in the field of smart electricity market.

In order to allow novice users to make full use of LeTV's performance-to-price ratio, to fully play its performance and play smart TV new tricks, Xiao Bian summed up the three major machine skills to share with everyone. If you find it useful, please click on the bookmark and forward it!

Play machine skills: LeTV how to install third-party software?

(Tips - For users who purchase new machines or flash machines, when installing third-party software for the first time, please open "System Settings", click "General", "Security", and select "Open to allow installation of unknown source applications." Only by releasing this privilege will it be possible to successfully install third-party software.)

Step 1: Take live broadcast on-demand software Taijie video as an example. Log on to the official website of Taiji Video at the computer terminal, download the latest installation file, cut it to a USB flash drive, and insert the USB port of LeTV.

Open "File Management" and open the U disk in "Install Package":

Step 2. Use the remote controller to select the Tektronix video installation file, and then press the OK key to perform the installation. After the installation is complete, you can use it to watch the HDTV live broadcast:

Play Machine Tip Two: How does LeTV Watch Massive HD TV Live TV?

The most direct way to solve the TV broadcast problem is to download a good, stable live broadcast software. Xiao Bian tried dozens of live broadcast on demand software and personally recommended Tai Jie video.

Taijie Video can use the “add application” button on the homepage to add easy-to-use and stable live broadcast features to CCTV, various David Vision, local stations, and more. Taijie Video has won the TV Application Award of the Year for several consecutive years and has aggregated a large number of genuine video resources such as Tencent, Youku and Sohu. The total number of Blu-ray films and TV dramas ranks in the top three of the entire network.

Two exclusive highlights:

1, can add live broadcast function on the home page, see Hunan Satellite TV, Anhui TV, and other David TV, CCTV5, CCTV6 and other CCTV series, provincial and municipal regional stations. High-definition picture quality, playing smoothly without freezing.

2. It aggregates more than 200,000 genuine video resources on major platforms, hot variety shows, episodes, movies, etc., and it can be broadcast on the entire network or even broadcast alone. The recent popular "Actresswalker," "Fairview," and "Paris Fireworks: Beginnings" have been premiered for free on the entire Thaistar video network.

Play machine skills three: LeTV TV routine maintenance skills?

Maintenance Tip 1: Placement is stressful, ventilation is the most important

If the TV is cooled, the service life can be extended by at least one third. The best location is a well-ventilated, dry location, and avoid direct sunlight.

If the TV is used for a long time, the internal parts are aged, the heat dissipation function is not smooth, and there is a problem of playing Kartun. Consider buying a small fan to enhance the heat dissipation.

Maintenance Tip 2: Daily Maintenance is Essential, Must Be Dustproof and Moistureproof

Dust and moisture are two major culprits in accelerating TV aging. For dust, we can use a dust cover to get it, but when watching TV, the dust cover should be completely removed.

As for the moisture, please keep the room dry, and don't put fish tanks, flowers and pots around the TV (the picture above is fine, but the flower pots are not suitable) because the moisture they emit will accelerate the aging process of the components.

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