New iPhone suffers suede metal frame + four-curved glass body

Tencent digital news (water blue) in the past rumors that the next iPhone will use double-sided glass plus metal box design, and even different versions of the material in the metal frame will also change. Although the authenticity of the news has not yet been confirmed, some users have already exposed the suspected spy photos of the next generation of iPhone's metal box on Weibo. Allegedly it will be an all-metal no-breakpoint design, most likely stainless steel. The body part is front and back 3D hyperboloid hot bend glass, reaching the highest level of current mobile glass technology.

Suspected metal box exposure

The metal frame exposed by the users on Weibo looks slightly different from the design of the metal frame of other manufacturers. In particular, the part of the bottom plate is no longer a blocky layout, but instead is an X-shaped structure. As a whole, it is also relatively thin, giving people a feeling of weakness. At the same time, although users broke the news and did not specifically specify this is the next generation of the iPhone's box, but it has given such as "double-sided glass" and "return to 4S" and other upgrades, it seems that the next generation of iPhone does not suggest that the use of double-sided glass plus metal The design of the box.

Although it is still unclear what characteristics of the metal middle frame used by the next generation of iPhones, according to the information disclosed by former Jin Li designer @ Yuan Hyun Wah on Weibo, the iPhone 8 will adopt the all-metal no-breakpoint design in the middle frame, and It means that the material should theoretically be stainless steel, while the aluminum alloy is probably not strong enough. Therefore, if the rumors are finally true, then no breakpoint design metal box may be like the hammer T2 without any antenna strips, plus the glass body itself can pass signals, so will bid farewell to the unsightly antenna leucorrhea on the iPhone.

3D hyperboloid glass

At the same time in the news of @ Yuan Hyun Wah, but also highlighted the next generation of iPhone double-sided glass design for the front and rear 3D hyperbolic heat bend glass, and said that this is the highest level of mobile phone glass technology, and iPhone will not accidentally occupy this commanding height, behind Only other manufacturers have followed suit.

It is worth mentioning that although Samsung GALAXY Note 7 is also a double-sided glass plus hyperboloid design, but according to @ Yuan Hyun Wah, the machine's positive and negative sides are 3D hot curved single curved glass, so compared to the next generation iPhone's 3D hyperbolic hot bend glass does have a higher level of craftsmanship. At the same time, the next generation of the iPhone glass technology can also be understood as the recently fried "four-curved" design. Specifically, the left and right sides are bent to single-curved glass (such as Samsung Note 7), while the hyperboloid glass is left and right. Both are 3D glasses.

Double lens vertical layout

However, although the outlook looks good, it seems that there are still some technical difficulties. It is said that the hyperbolic glass design has not yet been finalized at Apple. There are many reasons involved, but the most important reason is that the heat bending technology is not Mature, Lansi, and Bonn and other vendors used the five generations of gorilla glass samples sent to the apple test did not pass the drop test. Of course, it is still too early for the next iPhone to be officially released, so it is still possible that problems will eventually be resolved.

In addition, the next generation of iPhones allegedly introduced the ceramic white and glossy black versions, and will also change some of the details of the fuselage design. In accordance with the news of friends posted on the bar, said the next generation of iPhone's volume button, the power button has changed, and will cancel mechanical and physical buttons. At the same time, part of the mobile phone receiver will have four holes, adding a new sensor that may be iris recognition. As for the dual camera, it is changed to a vertical arrangement similar to Huawei Mate 9, and the two lenses are LED flashes.

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