What do you know about the functions of the smart home security alarm system?

The smart home security alarm system mainly has the following functions.

1. Remote real-time monitoring function

Users use monitoring client software to watch remote monitoring videos in real time over the Internet. Monitoring client software can be installed on computers and smart phones.

2. Remote alarm and remote withdrawal function

The wireless camera of the home wireless video surveillance system can monitor the image within 15m and send the alarm information to the user's mobile phone and client software within the first time. Users can remotely and conveniently monitor and disarm surveillance sites using computer or mobile client software.

3. Network storage image function

The home wireless video surveillance system can save monitoring video over the network. In the absence of alarm or disarmed state, the surveillance site video can be stored on the network hard disk at a set time interval. In the event of an alarm, images can be saved on the network hard disk until the alarm is released. At any time, users can watch surveillance video playback through the client software.

What do you know about the functions of the smart home security alarm system?

4. With night vision, PTZ and other control functions

Select a wireless camera with infrared night vision function to shoot normally in a non-lighting environment. If a 360° pan/tilt head is used, the monitoring range can also be greatly expanded to avoid monitoring blind spots and enable one camera to achieve the effect of using multiple cameras.

The home security system mainly cooperates with various detection devices through the intelligent host to realize the timely collection and processing of alarm signals in each zone. The local audible and visual alarm and telephone or SMS alarms are used to loop the voice or text messages to the user's preset phone or SMS number. Alarm, until the user's alarm system disarmed, the user can according to the alarm situation, the scene through the webcam to confirm the situation or personally in order to confirm the occurrence of emergency or other emergency.

The composition of the home security subsystem

The home security subsystem consists of various front-end alarm detectors, control hosts, network cameras, card readers, and access controllers. Front-end detectors can be divided into infrared sensors, door and window magnetic detectors, gas leak detectors, smoke detectors, glass break detectors, curtain detectors, carbon dioxide monitors, flood detectors, and emergency buttons Wait.

If the wire is short-circuited, a fire will occur. When the flame of smoke just appeared, the smoke detector would detect it, sounding an alarm to alert people in the room and automatically call the police on the phone to get prompt and timely treatment and avoid major losses; if the gas leaks, the gas detection The device immediately sounds an alarm and automatically activates the exhaust fan to open smart windows/curtains to prevent accidents from occurring in the room. At the same time, the alarm is automatically reported to the designated phone through the telephone line. If you have a robbery at home, or if your family members are suddenly sick and cannot make a call, you can press the remote control or emergency call button in your hand to call for help in a few seconds to get the fastest support.

If a criminal attempts to open a door or window, a magnetic sensor will be triggered. At this time, the smart host will report the alarm to several designated telephones through the telephone line, or notify the owner's mobile phone via the wireless network. After the householder receives the alarm information, he can quickly take countermeasures to allow the culprits to receive corresponding sanctions to protect property and life safety.

The composition of the home monitoring subsystem

The home monitoring subsystem mainly implements video surveillance and security care, including monitoring of home situations and remote real-time monitoring. The subsystem consists of an infrared high-definition network camera, monitor, recording device, network access device, and alarm interface module. Due to the popularization and application of home computers and the widespread use of broadband, network cameras and network-reserved network transmission are widely used at present. + SMS or cell phone alarms.

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