Five LED companies bid for the Super League billboard "Lehman mode" will be ancient

On October 10th, Super League will hold 16 LED billboards at home in Shenzhen, and five domestic well-known enterprises will compete. Among them, Lehman, whose contract expired at the end of 2016, is still on the bidding list. Starting in 2017, the winning bidders have basically become “sponsors”, and the “Lehman model” that can make money will be made ancient.

According to the bidding plan of Super League, the companies participating in the bidding will sponsor some of the cash in addition to sponsoring LED billboards for the home of 16 Super League clubs. Super League does not set a lower limit and an upper limit for the annual sponsorship funds. At the time of bidding, the participating companies are bidding units for every 5 million. A bidder will receive 5 points, and the company with the highest score will win the bid.

This means that Super League has also started a profit-making model on LED billboards. This is a subversive change compared to the Lehman era. In 2012, when Lehman became a sponsor of the Super League LED, it sponsored more than 40 million LED billboards for 16 Super League clubs. Correspondingly, Lehman received a 12-minute advertising campaign.

According to the value of the current business sponsorship of Super League, the cost per minute of advertising is 1.5 million to 3 million. Based on the initial value of the LED billboard, Lehman almost recovered his cost in the first year and made money in the next four years.

After the value of the Super League became bigger and bigger, the Super League chose to repurchase the advertising time from Lehman for the greater benefit of the 16 clubs. Since 2014, Super League has used 10 million to repurchase 10 minutes of Lehman's 12 minutes each year. In the past five years, Lehman has not lost as a sponsor, but also earned more than 100 million yuan through 12 minutes of advertising time.

Today, when Lehman’s contract with Super League expires, it coincides with the era of Super League. Super League has also started its own money-making model, subverting the way of cooperation with Lehman and changing to “LED Billboard + Cash Sponsorship”. Seeing the good situation of Chinese football, I hope to sponsor the number of LED companies in China Super League. In the end, five companies, including Lehman, were short-listed and participated in the tender for October 10. Among the five companies, there are four listed companies.

Why do listed companies favor the Super League? The main reason is that they hope to increase the concept of the sports sector and allow the company to expand its market business. Under the promotion of the national policy, companies committed to the sports industry may enjoy the dividend of the policy, or may bring greater development opportunities to the company because they are involved in the sports industry. Therefore, listed companies account for 80%.

The more companies that participate in the bidding, the more money the Super League will make. For example, bidding for 5 million units, the first company bidding for a company bid 5 million, B company must bid to 10 million to participate, C company needs to bid 15 million, Ding company to increase to 20 million The company is required to bid for 25 million to compete for the first round. In this order, in the second round, if you want to continue to participate in the bidding, you must ask at least 30 million, and so on. The more rounds, the middle and transcendence is secretly hilarious.

Of course, LED sponsors still enjoy a certain amount of advertising time, but this time has been reduced from 12 minutes in Lehman era to 3 minutes.

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