Smart TVs are all facing price increases? Recommended 5 cost-effective smart TVs

Since the second half of 2016, smart TV panels have entered a tense "shortage period." As the saying goes, things are scarce, because the supply of the panel is in short supply, the price will naturally increase, and the cost price of smart TV will follow. As the number of manufacturers in domestic mills and music as a leader has increased by 300-500 yuan on different types of products, according to the current situation, it is difficult to solve the problem of TV slow board production capacity in the short term, so smart TVs have risen. The possibility of price is still very large.

Therefore, before the advent of a real price increase, it is wise to quickly start a cost-effective smart TV. Today, Xiao Bian has recommended several cost-effective smart TVs. Let's quickly look at it.

No.1: Millet TV 3S 60 inch version (see details)
Features: Artificial Intelligence System, LG 4K Original Display

Millet artificial intelligence TV 3S 60-inch version of the appearance of the use of drilling, cutting anodized process lines outlined artistic beauty, configuration is also surprising, in order to meet the entertainment needs of users, the processor has been upgraded from 32 to 64, With more efficient A53 architecture 4-core CPU, clocked up to 1.8G hz, watching high-definition video in the sofa butler and large game screen smoother, while carrying 2G running memory +8 G storage space, not only presents a better picture special effects, There is also a faster operating speed, a rugged IPS hard screen, and new HDR technology added by the processor. It has a new visual experience that is beyond imagination, and Xiaomi TV content is newly connected to Tencent video, PPTV platform-wide resources, and new content. Every day there are, good content can not finish, unique artificial intelligence system, continue to learn the viewing experience of you and your family, to achieve different people's recommendations.

Recommended reason: In fact, millet TV 3S 60-inch version has been in the price increase in the price increase of 300 yuan, the follow-up may continue to increase the possibility of price, but this TV's own configuration is still very good, it is recommended to start .
Guide price: 4799 yuan

No.2: LeTV 4 X50 (see details)
Features: 3G large running memory, HDR Full HD screen

LeTV Super TV has never stopped in the pursuit of aesthetics. The 4.9mm thickness of Super 4 X50 illustrates a model of combining art and technology. 64-bit Mstar6A938 chip, clock speed up to 1.7GHZ faster and smoother, playing large-scale games, No need to wait to switch APP programs, 4G XV equipped with 3G DDR3 high-speed memory, not only allows each program to quickly open the sofa butler, but also in multiple programs and interfaces to each other to switch to play anytime, anywhere, over 4 X50 built-in The image enamel engine solves the problem of image noise and detail loss caused by network video and local content playback through a variety of technologies. It restores the natural and meticulous image world. The audio DSP chip makes the sound more pleasant! LeTV super film and television, selected video content, to create a smooth large screen viewing experience.

Recommended reason: LeTV not only in the configuration and content of the user are very satisfied, but still can not withstand the tide of price increases, so the interest in LeTV as a friend, the price has not yet risen to very high Next, start it quickly.
Guide price: 3079 yuan

No.3: TCL D55A620U 55吋 (see details)
Features: 4K ultra clear, 64-bit and 30-core

TCL D55A620U 55 吋 outstanding design, stunning everyone, characteristic breathing lamp design and hand-polished border in the shiny color at the same time with a hard and delicate platinum texture, configuration using the breakthrough high-performance 30-core 64-bit flagship processor, various functions Each point has a unique processor that brings an unparalleled user experience. Up to 1.8Hhz CPU clock speed allows you to respond more sensitively, using HDMI2.0 USB3.0 and other high-speed transmission interfaces, whether to look at 4K video , Or play the big game in the sofa butler is no pressure, ease of operation, joined the matrix speaker, performance in the full range sound more appropriate, IMAX level sound effects, extraordinary momentum, content integration of multiple large-scale video platform, designed for Internet TV, It covers video resources such as movies, TV dramas, variety shows, animations, and sports live broadcasts. It covers the needs of different groups of people in the family and divides multiple areas for easy search.

Recommended reason: see TCL D55A620U 55-inch 30-core configuration is not full of surprises, dedicated to each functional point is equipped with a separate processor partition, whether it is in the processing speed or quality are very leading.
Guide price: 3399 yuan

No.4: Hisense LED50EC620UA 50 inches (see details)
Features: Colorful 4K, 64-bit movement

Hisense LED50EC620UA 50-inch elegant narrow design, full of metal style double V base design, on the living room is a painting feeling, equipped with 64-bit 4-core Cortex A53 architecture processor, multi-tasking architecture runs more smoothly, easy to run Large-scale online games, optimized TV display screens, capture exciting moments, built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module independent design, has a wealth of wireless expansion capabilities, give you more wireless expansion options, use 4K color enhancement technology, to achieve 4 times the full HD 4K ultra clear picture quality, clear picture details, 2K to 4K picture quality processing technology, 2K picture quality to 4K picture quality conversion, even ordinary programs can also show the effect of 4K, Hisense operations team to create a large TV Screen video platform, film library covers movies and TV series and other legitimate content, if these are not enough for you to see, you can install a sofa housekeeper to expand the content.

Recommended reason: Hisense TV not only uses a 4K panel, but also a variety of black technology blessings, so that even some videos with a resolution of less than 4K can show the 4K effect, it can be said to be more advanced.
Guide price: 2999 yuan

No.5: Storm TV 55X (see details)
Features: VR TV, Dual Picture Engine

Thin and narrow frame, slim body, flying wing base, brings quality to fashion, this is the most intuitive feeling to see the Storm TV 55X, 12 core chip + split host can be upgraded without fear of TV outdated, always high The performance is fun, 2GB DDR3 tells the memory plus 16GB large flash memory, not only running smoothly, but also a variety of free movie software within the sofa butler is installed with you, using an innovative dual-quality engine, so that the picture is clearer, more color Beautiful, easy to solve ghosting, trailing and other issues, massive VR panoramic content, bringing 720-degree immersive viewing experience, 4K ultra-high-definition screen, 4K big screen to see VR content can be more cool and more shocking. Storm, iQIYI, Aofei video content cover, and add 30,000 hours of new content every month, so that you can not see the wonderful ~

Recommended reason: The biggest highlight of Storm TV 55X is its VR function. With this feature-viewing experience, you can take it to the next level. The 720-degree immersive experience allows you to enjoy the IMAX theater feel at home.

After starting these smart TVs, you can install a sofa butler on the TV, and more free movies will follow you.

Summary: Before the smart TV price rise in 2017 has yet to come completely, it is recommended that you have a friend who plans to buy smart TVs as early as possible. Each of these televisions recommended by Xiao Bian is unique, and the millet TV 3S is artificial. Smart system, you are worth a try, Le Super 4 uses 64-bit Mstar6A938 chip, and 3G large running memory, which is relatively high-end in the smart TV industry, ultra-fast response speed will certainly bring extraordinary experience, TCL The D55A620U is not only attractive in appearance, but its 30-core configuration is even higher than the sky. Each functional area has its own processor, and the operation and reaction speed can be imagined. The Hisense TV LED50EC620UA is not only equipped with a 64-bit 4-core Cortex. A53 architecture processor, and the unique 2K to 4K technology is also a very useful feature, and the final highlight of the storm TV is its VR function, if you are interested in this new viewing mode, you can consider starting this Storm TV 55X.


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