Out of the box review BOSE QuietComfort 35 wireless noise reduction Bluetooth headset

Seeing that the winter vacation is coming to an end, I thought that the university's first long holiday would be such that the ping (yu) was passed.

Suddenly one day, I was sent this thing. This can be called diligent and save me.

BOSE QuietComfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth Headset qc35 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones 2888 yuan Lynx Select Direct Links

Tell me if I let myself buy it, I refuse it. Just bought a Dafa MDR-100ABN six months ago, there is no need to buy a noise-reducing ear. At that time, when he bought the Dafa headset, he saw the 35 or even 25 of the B family. However, the budget was always the beginning of a word, and he had to retreat for the next recharge. (The follow-up may be a comparison between the two products, but it seems that there are already many online, then we do not expect, if I made it is to cheat gold coins)

SONY Sony MDR-100ABN Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones Handcuffed Out of the Box (Attached with the Ginza Sony Building fly) Hello everyone ~ The second post has always wanted to buy a headset after the test, because I am also learning music, although listening to the headphones Nothing was too hot, but listening to music for me was just a few years ago when I was in school and I was relying on an ipod to spend countless loneliness nights. I still miss the ear-inserting cords that were supposed to be a cheaper point for those days. Such as the domestic products Astrid such as innovative aurvana series such as Dafa XBA-A2 (everyone DaveK| Like 42 Comments 61 Collection 68 View Details

In the beginning, he was just sent a predetermined voucher, physical store 2888 (I heard that a recent Lahai purchase Meiya 2389?) ... regional distributor said that no goods, and probably arrived in early March. Suddenly yesterday, I called the goods, and I got a fart butt.

The beautiful sales sister said I will open it for you, and then teach you how to use

This can make me mad, tear film this cool thing can give you dry? One won! I'm going home to split! Don’t you dismantle it! After taking a few steps and going back again, my sister gave me a bag. I took it so conspicuously.

Taking advantage of this bag to continue shopping to buy clothes, I feel very embarrassed.

Go out of the box! (In this article, the color of the picture is weird because the problem of camera white balance cannot be achieved in the later manual adjustment.

The front of the box.

The reverse side of the box. State Bank, with a warranty card, feeling ... ... no eggs?

side. Only one logo. (Lack of baggage seems to expose the school? Forget it not coded... Welcome to zjg value friend to have or not)

The bottom of the box is the serial number, two-dimensional code, model information, and so on.

Torn film this kind of thing or let me cool a person right Bank of China pay attention to save this film outside! Warranty card is sticky outside yo!

The box is drawn out and it looks like it is not the same as Dafa.

A piece of paper is covered on it... It's a bit shabby. What do you think of a good ritual?

After the paper was lifted, the back was like this, indicating the simple method of pairing. I'm using NFC for pairing. It's very convenient... Which of the following bose connect APPs doesn't have much use beyond updating the firmware and changing the language of the built-in prompts. For some Android phones that can't watch the Bluetooth device's power, there may be a convenient function to see the power.

There is also a layer of cushioned things, and this is the case after the lift-off. The transparent plastic bag holds the headphone box, the headphone body and all the accessories in the box. The surface of the box has a kind of imitation leather texture, and the touch is still hard, and the perception may be higher than that of the Dafa box. In addition, because the folding method is not the same as Dafa, the box is relatively thin and relatively flat. It should be more convenient to carry it everyday. Unlike a box full of Dafa, how to put it in a bag is awkward.

Box items family portrait. (There is also a bag of desiccant... did not let it go to the mirror)

This is what happens after the box is opened. Inside and outside the box there is a small elastic storage bag, practicality is general, because put things outside is easy to fall, put things inside may head to the headset, cover the lid.

The middle black is a shock-absorbing and anti-friction foam pad. The two small bags are respectively equipped with 3.5mm audio cable and microUSB cable (not open to see, it should be), and the BOSE logo is printed on the lower left corner of the air conversion head.

Right button, indicator light and charging interface. Three independent buttons, each responsible for adjusting the volume, playing/suspending music/waking up the voice assistant, and answering/ending the phone during a call. Two indicators show Bluetooth status and battery status.

The earphone shell is said to be plastic, but it feels cool and metallic.

Call microphone and NFC pairing area.

There is only one 3.5mm headphone jack on the left. The noise reduction function of the QC35 cannot be turned on and off manually like the 100ABN. Only when using the audio cable to turn off the power can the use of noise reduction be turned off.

The left and right channels are identified inside the ear cups.

The maximum extension of the head beam. Feeling head beam size is slightly larger than 100ABN, my head is relatively large, 100ABN does not pull hard to put on, this does not open the basic problem. Extended part of the frame metal on both sides, filled with large plastic in the middle, texture is general. The inside of the top of the head beam is the material of that kind of velvet. It is estimated that it is not resistant to dirt, but it is soft and comfortable, and the breathability is much better than 100ABN leather material.

The outer side of the top of the head beam is made of imitation leather and it feels a bit like a box.

Comment briefly.

1. Appearance

The appearance of law-abiding is only low-key compared with Dafa. However, there will always be someone who looks beyond BOSE's logo and will cast an envious look (my own yy). In short enough, the classic enough is low-key and the workmanship can reflect There is a certain sense of quality, but it is absolutely absolutely not related to the atmosphere.

2. Wearing comfort

BOSE soft materials than Dafa intentions. 100ABN clearly gives me the feeling of chucking, and the spectacles can feel the pain of the temples being pressed to the skin. 35 is very soft and comfortable, and the feeling of package and closure have reached the level of the flagship headphones.

3 sense of hearing (only talk Bluetooth mode)

BOSE talks about sound quality. It's really flat and mediocre, the sound is not clear enough, it's a bit boring. The degree of fidelity is acceptable, and the details are restored. In contrast, Dafa 100ABN is very Sony, Bluetooth noise reduction mode under a thousand sound quality I have heard some of the wired headphones to be stronger, tri-band equalization, I listen to classical listening to popular fortunately.

4. Noise reduction

It may be that wearing a noise-reducing headset will say "the whole world is quiet." The fresh phase ... no surprise in the room, can not hear the difference, it is very quiet, but one thing, the Sony 100ABN noise is more obvious When you just turned on the Bluetooth, there will be periodic current noise. Virgo can't stand it.

Outside, 100ABN seems to magnify the wind, especially sour. Then 35 is a very exemplary feeling and still remains quiet.

All are very good noise canceling headphones, 35 noise reduction and no stronger than 100ABN that 1000 dollars level, but there is no doubt that the noise reduction on the market today's best consumer-level headset wireless noise reduction headphones. 100ABN such a comparison, the price seems to be pretty good.


Workmanship materials humane, comfortable to wear;

Excellent noise reduction

Chinese battery reminder and connection remind hin;


Is your country expensive? (Anyway, I'm sent by someone else... Nothing feels yo... I'm afraid to escape)

"No show";

"No sense of quality";

Sound quality is normal.

the above.

When you are too poor, why don't you break the silver coins, I wish you all the lucky draws.

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Channel 1: Wavelength 1313.73nm, reuse the DML-1310 wavelength in 100G CWDM applications. Starting from this wavelength, the channel spacing of the wavelengths is about 4.5nm;
Channel 2: Wavelength 1309.14nm, which reuses the DML wavelength in 100G LanWDM applications;
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Channel 6: Wavelength 1291.10nm, reuse the DML-1290 wavelength in 100G CWDM applications;
Channel 7: wavelength 1286.66nm, reuse the EML wavelength in 400G LanWDM applications;
Channel 8: wavelength 1282.26nm, reuse the EML wavelength in 400G LanWDM applications;
Channel 9: The wavelength is 1277.89nm, which reuses the EML wavelength in 400G LanWDM applications;
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