Segotep Xin Gu Bai Meng Meng chassis installed real

Before Valentine's Day this year, a friend asked me to help him install the Internet to watch TV. He could occasionally play an online game computer and give his wife a Valentine's Day gift. The request for what was configured was not high. Do not talk nonsense, insert topics directly!

First, the chassis Xin Gu (segotep) white sprouting personality computer case (MATX motherboard / standard power supply / home office mini personalization chassis / student learning chassis) 259 yuan desktop computer Meng things, Meng Fan did not discuss Jingdong direct link to encyclopedia

â–² Thinking about the friend's gifts for his wife, the configuration is not very important, only the value of the most important, in Jingdong turned a few pages of the chassis and found the goods, "Xie Gu (segotep) White Meng Meng personalized computer chassis" , Send a friend a look, immediately finalize the chassis, then you can get the configuration.

â–² Saying that baymax will ask Xingu to pay royalties

1, open the package unboxing

â–² outsourcing with a personification map of the chassis

â–²Specific chassis size, motherboard size that can be supported, attention does not support M-ATX standard board, but smaller 226*195 board

â–²There is also an open box prompt

â–² top of the chassis

â–²Integration includes chassis, custom power cord, illuminated cover (chassis ears), instructions, and mounting screws

2, chassis details

â–² The whole chassis stays dull as shown in the picture. It is a robot head with a pair of headphones. The overall shape is very cute. The round shape is very good.

â–² top of the key, and did not set the restart button

â–² After removing the "headphone", a large black thermal network

â–² The exterior of the chassis is made of white high-gloss ABS plastic. It looks good in the distance. The overall texture of the plastic is very strong.

â–² Xin Valley logo, the following is a front audio interface, USB3USB a socket for easy use

â–² headset and ear position is the indicator

â–² The back of the chassis is also a large number of cooling holes. There is an L-shaped socket slot. The four black points are magnetic bonding points. The actual connection to the chassis is relatively firm.

â–² The mainboard is installed with 0.8mm SPCC blackened steel plate, but the mainboard supports a relatively small range. It is compatible with MATX (226*195mm) and miniITX motherboards. The actual choice is to use the ITX motherboard directly.

â–² HDD position

â–² socket slots, can support two half-height PCI devices

â–² The chassis comes with power

â–² The model is Xingu M350 power supply, which belongs to SFX power supply. It is generally used enough. The other hard drive is under the cable.

Second, other configuration 1, CPU AMD APU series A8-7650K quad-core R7 core FM2+ interface boxed CPU processor 459 yuan Jingdong direct link

â–² choose apu massage shop, 7650k, anyway, now the excess computer performance, toothpaste factory price is expensive, or decided to support a massage shop

2, memory ADATA's colorful DDR3 1600 4G desktop memory is 189 yuan early in the DDR era due to cheap and counterfeit is also less, A-DATA's colorful series of memory is reliable and cost-effective said. The A-DATA 4G DDR3 16 million Violet Desktop Memory with 1.5V standard voltage, timing CL11, is not suitable for overclocking, but the performance is stable and reliable. Jingdong direct link to encyclopedia

â–² Since the cpu of the massage shop is selected, the memory will not be able to reach DDR4. With the increase in the price of the chip factory, the price of the memory is not to be said at all. The apu are all on the double channel, and they do not explain it.

3, the motherboard Biostar Hi-Fi A88ZN motherboard (AMD A88/ Socket FM2+) 449 yuan Jingdong direct link

â–²Jingdong saw a good lap itx motherboard no good choice, so start Biostar this board

â–² 17*17 identify ITX real body

â–² Up to DDR3 2600, up to 32G

â–² interface is still good, two HDMI interface supports 4K, suitable for use as htpc

4, solid state hard disk

Kingshare M310 Series 240G MSATA Solid State Drive Jingdong Direct Link

â–²Initially bought the wrong ssd, this motherboard must use half high msata equipment, namely 2.5cm solid state hard disk

Lenovo SL700 240G SATA3 Solid State Po Series SSD Solid State Drive 509 yuan Jingdong direct link

â–² Later chose a cheaper Lenovo solid state, now ssd rose too much

Fifth, the monitor Samsung (SAMSUNG) C24F390FH 23.5 inch 1800R shock curvature love eye low blue curved surface display 999 yuan Samsung C24F390FH curved surface display is Samsung's new 2016 display, the most typical point is to use the latest 1800R curvature panel, 23.8 inch size display There is still a clear arc. VA panel, 178°/178° viewing angle, brightness 250cd/m2, contrast ratio 3000:1, response time 4ms. Resolution 1920×1080, with 24-inch size Jingdong direct link to encyclopedia

â–² The display is not unboxed, let them go to Kaifeng on their own. By the way, the accessories will be a family portrait.

Third, the installation situation

â–² plug in the CPU, Biostar this board's cpu pressure bar seems to be relatively loose, when the fan actually took the cpu down together. . . . . .

â–² AMD boxed fan is still good, you can see the brass, more conscience than the toothpaste factory

â–² After installing the fan, directly insert 2 memory

â–² fixed the motherboard, by the way, this motherboard does not support the front u3 interface

â–²Reverse installation of solid-state hard drive, saying nothing is not designed a 3.5-inch hard drive

â–² interface list, there are four UBS interface, two USB3 interface, DVI (16 +1), dual HDMI interface, optical audio, etc., which dvi port is still reserved for wireless network card antenna hole

â–² Light up and install the system

â–² It can be installed from bottom to top, or it is relatively simple

â–²After the machine is installed, a few finished products will be displayed. The logo of the ear position will be on, and it will not be taken out. â–² together with other equipment, good value

â–² Master Lu ran a divided meaning

Fourth, summary

1, round shape, large white version of the chassis, design sense explosions, Yan value is very attractive, especially the appearance of control, cute control will certainly consider this case;

2, the overall plastic material is relatively smooth, there is no rough, the installation is also very convenient, mold fastening degree is good;

3, although the use of a small motherboard, but the overall size of the chassis is still relatively large (L313 * W326 * H333mm), in fact, is also quite a place;

4, when I bought 299, now Jingdong engage in activities every 100-20, can do 259 with SFX power supply, I think the price is very high, if you like it can be decisive to start, I think this creative design at least 200.

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