Tianjin: Replacement of smart meters can be imported

On May 26th, Mr. Wang, a reader who lives in Hebei District, Tianjin, consulted and recently installed a smart meter at home. However, I do not know how to import the remaining electricity in the original meter into the new meter. The reporter visited the municipal power company responsible for this. People, ask him to answer as follows.

After 10 working days of installing a smart meter at home, the user can carry the “Prepaid Form Purchase Certificate”, “Smart Meter Purchase Card” and “House Form Modification Work Ticket” to be issued by the staff when the meter replacement is completed. The power business office in the residential area handles conductive services. After conducting the electricity, the user should insert the electricity purchase card into the newly replaced smart meter in time, and input the remaining electricity and related data input into the card into the electricity meter. When you see the “Reading Card Successful” prompt on the LCD screen of the smart meter, you can pull out the power purchase card to avoid the input failure caused by the data in the power purchase card not being read yet.

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