The Japanese earthquake did not have a major impact on the Chinese mechanical and electrical industry

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, April 17th, In the case of a strong earthquake in Japan for more than a month, Japan’s electronics and automotive industries still failed to fully restore normal production status. News from authoritative channels in the Chinese industry showed that China’s mechanical and electrical industry suffered certain Impact, but the entire industry is basically normal and has not been significantly affected.

Yao Wenping, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency at the 109th Canton Fair on the 17th that after the earthquake, Japanese companies’ supply speed and production cycle were affected, but from a month’s perspective The joint effect of the earthquake on China's related companies, especially the electromechanical companies, was not as large as the market had previously imagined.

She said: "Facts have proved that in the absence of some spare parts and even some core parts provided by Japan, Chinese companies have the ability to find alternative products, even in some industries and some areas, such as the lack of LCD panels, can also A number of alternatives have been sought from markets such as South Korea. So far, the Chamber of Commerce has not received a report from a large company that it was forced to completely stop production due to a shortage of supplies in Japan."

The China Chamber of Commerce and Industry has more than 10,000 members, many of which are large and medium-sized enterprises. Yao Wenping said that this shows that Chinese companies have further improved their main research and development capabilities this year, and they have become increasingly capable of responding to unexpected factors in the international market.

She said: "The shortage of core components has not caused major impact, indicating that Chinese enterprises, especially large enterprises, have made great progress in the construction of core competitiveness. Enterprises can allocate global resources and carry out urgent adjustments, and such adjustments will not decrease. The competitiveness of the product is a great improvement compared to the past.”

At the same time, Japan's post-disaster reconstruction market has also received active participation from Chinese companies. Yao Wenping said that many Chinese companies have provided Japan with large amounts of equipment in the post-disaster aid phase, and some of the equipment has even been urgently rebuilt in a very short period of time. At present, according to the situation reflected by the Canton Fair, Japanese companies have significantly increased the demand for electric bicycles, water pumps, diesel generators, hardware tools and Other products. In particular, the supply of solar flashlights is in short supply. “These are positive for promoting the growth of Sino-Japanese trade. effect".

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