Japan will follow the product development blueprint of National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor announced on April 20 that it had appointed Hiroshi Yujima as its Japanese legal person, the president of the National Semiconductor (Japan). According to the introduction of National Semiconductor, before the announcement of the acquisition of National Semiconductor by Texas Instruments (TI) in the United States, it was decided to appoint Kazuhiro Tokushima as the representative director of the Japanese corporation. In a press conference held in the Tokyo metropolitan area on the same day, Hiroshima stated that “as the company’s website announced, the two companies will continue to adhere to the announced product development blueprint”.

Regarding the growth of the Japanese market, Hiroshima mentioned safety technologies such as car navigation systems in the automotive field and communication in car workshops; high value-added products such as 3D TVs for digital home appliances, smart phones, and tablet terminals; solar power generation and intelligence in the energy sector. Grid and so on. Hedao said: "Before the acquisition is completed, National Semiconductor (Japan) will develop an operating strategy as an independent company."

Hiroshima worked for Hitachi and Conexant Systems for 13 years and 11 years respectively. In 2009, he joined National Semiconductor and was responsible for both charge control products and portable products for electric vehicles.

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