"Green is not connected" iPad generation machine prices

Since the launch of the iPad 2 in the United States, Apple has implemented a price reduction policy for the iPad 1, the lowest price of 16GWiFi version is only 2888 yuan. However, iPad 2 mainstream products have not yet been sold in the domestic market. In this period of "green and yellow" period, the price of iPad 1 has gone up a lot. "IT Times" reporter learned that in the unofficial channel iPad 1 price now back more than 3,000 yuan. The price of the iPad in the Apple official channel has not changed, but the 16G and 32G iPads are out of stock.

Rising prices and increasing supply The reporter recently visited some digital products stores, and all merchants reported prices higher than 3,000. Mr. Zhang, a business owner at the second floor of Bainaohui in Xujiahui, told reporters that the price of the 16G WiFi version in his shop is 3,200 yuan, the 3G version is 3,550 yuan, the 64G WiFi version is 4,050 yuan, and the 3G version is 4,700 yuan. There is no stock now."

Half a month ago, this reporter learned that the quote for iPad 16 at the time of 16G WiFi was 2,900 yuan, which rose by 300 yuan in only half the month. Regarding this phenomenon, Mr. Zhang stated that due to the earthquake in Japan and the suspension of the iPad 1, the iPad 1 is already in a state of supply shortage, and the price increase is expected. "The price of the iPad 2 is still very high, and most people still prefer the iPad 1." He told reporters that the iPad 1 in his store is mostly the former inventory and supply of cattle. "Now the goods are very tight and there are only a few of them, only a dozen."

Then the reporter went to the Pacific Digital Plaza next door, where the quoted price was not much different from what the reporter had learned at Bainaohui. One of the shops sold was licensed rather than parallel imports. Its staff said that the parallel imports were now out of stock. The stores sold were all licensed by the mainland, but the number was not large. However, the shop's offer was flush with parallel imports, 16G WiFi version sold to 3,300 yuan, and the official price of licensed 2888 far, far away, approaching the price before the price of Hong Kong Bank. For this, its staff explained the price with the market. "Two or three days ago it rose. Basically, it rose by 50 yuan per day. It will go up again. The official website will not be set."

According to relevant industry sources, the price increase for the iPad 1 was mainly due to its suspension of production, and the number of goods was reduced. The Japanese earthquake did not actually affect it. "A lot of dealers got a lot of iPad 1 years ago. After Apple's price adjustment, they were not compensated, causing many dealers to lose money. Now they use the collective price increase at the time of the Japanese earthquake to make up for losses." On the other hand, it affects their price fluctuations. Or because the price of the iPad 2 is too high, consumers still prefer a generation of products.

Another reporter found that Jingdong, Dangdang's prices even exceeded the offline store, 16GWiFi version of the price were 3,519 yuan and 3,500 yuan.

Consumers are still willing to pay Although the iPad 1 "up" word, consumers are still interested. Reporters found during the visit, there are still consumers willing to pay for high iPad1.

Xiao Tao was a student studying for junior year. When the reporter asked about a store on the first floor of Bainaohui, the shop was cracking the iPad 1 and installing the software. "Fancy the iPad for a long time, some time ago that a generation cut prices, but unfortunately did not buy, did not expect it to rise." Xiaotao said that the iPad 2's price is still high, the student family he can not afford such a high price of the second generation Only one generation of products can be selected. "I ran a few monopoly, 16G are out of stock, the official website can only book 64G, but fortunately here to buy it."

There are also buyers currently taking a wait-and-see attitude. Chen Han is one of them. "After a week, if you are still up, then you can buy it first. After all, it is a lot cheaper than the second generation," he said.

In an interview, the reporter found that consumers who are willing to purchase the iPad 1 basically take into account the high price of the iPad 2 and cannot be reduced to the current generation price in the short term. On the other hand, the second-generation products have not improved much more than the previous generation, and consumers do not Willing to spend more on those "small functions."

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