National Grid 750kv Sun Moon Hill Substation Put into Operation

At 11:59 on November 3rd, with the sound of the low-pitched current emitted by the main transformer, the 750kv sun and moon mountain substation at the beginning of the Qinghai section of the Qinghai section of the Qinghai section with the highest altitude in the world and the highest voltage level in the world Officially put into operation. This marks the opening of yet another important hub connecting Qinghai Power Grid, Tibet Power Grid and Laxiwa Hydropower Station on the upper reaches of the Yellow River.

The 750 kV Sunyueshan Substation is located in Huangzhong County, Xining City, Qinghai Province, with an elevation of 2408 meters. The substation started construction on May 28, 2009 with a total investment of 865 million yuan. The Luyueshan substation is the starting point for the Qinghai section of the Qinghai-Tibet AC-DC interconnection project. The commissioning of this project will provide Qinghai with more excellent power supply environment for economic and social development.

In the construction of the project, the construction unit applies a wide range of new technologies, new processes, and new materials. For example, 750 kV equipment uses gas-insulated combined electrical equipment. The substation design uses high-altitude, ultra-high voltage substations for corona and noise reduction. In addition, the external insulation level of the 750 kV Sunyueshan substation is relatively high, and the insulation level of some 750 kV devices has reached or exceeded the insulation level of the 1000 kV devices.

In accordance with the stringent environmental protection requirements of the Qinghai-Tibet AC-DC interconnection project, the substation adopts a number of energy conservation and environmental protection measures. The “four sections and one environmental protection” effect for land saving, water saving, material saving, energy saving and environmental protection of the project is obvious. The electromagnetic noise, energy-saving and environmental protection design programs were repeatedly optimized and researched, and the selection of energy-saving equipment and materials was intensified, and a large number of effective measures were taken in building energy conservation, solar energy, rain and snow water utilization, and vegetation protection.

It is understood that the 750-kilovolt Sunyueshan substation has a special geographical location and poor construction conditions. The project site is located at an altitude of high elevation, large temperature difference between day and night, and large sandstorms. In addition, the selection of equipment in substations is complex. The 750 kV lattice steel structure of the substation is also the largest substation structure in China. All of these increase the complexity of the construction technology and increase the difficulty of technical research. Construction brings many challenges.

Each construction and operation unit of the Qinghai Electric Power Company fully implemented the infrastructure management concept of the State Grid Corporation of China in project management, and highlighted the promotion and application of “three types and one standard” and “two types and one unified”. At the beginning of the project construction, a thorough analysis of the challenges that may be encountered in the construction of the project was carried out. After the project was started, construction was strictly in accordance with the State Grid Corporation’s safe and civilized construction standardization and the “six-standards” standard, ensuring the high quality and order of the project. Advance, build a new monument with action in the snow-covered plateau.

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