Interpretation of 3W ceiling light CLEAR test report luminous flux labeling is not standardized

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Zhou Jin] Recently, the fourth round of the CLEAR project, which was initiated by Gaogong LED and commissioned by a third-party testing agency for actual performance testing, was released. This round of LED spotlights has a total of 23 models from 23 brand manufacturers.

The selected sample power is 3W and 4W. The test items cover the total luminous flux, luminous efficiency, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, total harmonic distortion, power factor and other product parameters.

Among them, among the 23 different products, only 3 models of the luminous flux parameters are marked in the product and the outer packaging box, and only 9 models with the "lm" value of 200 or more are distributed, and most of the remaining are distributed within the range of 150-200.

Among them, the two lamps have the lowest flux values. One of the bright spot technology models is LD-T-3W with a luminous flux value of 126.4 lm, and the Guanhua model is GHC03031C with a luminous flux value of 129.5 lm.

"In fact, the light effect of medium-quality products is generally around 60lm/w, and 3w is in the range of 180-200lm." In an interview with Gaogong LED, Qiu Lei, sales manager of Shangyu Lighting, told reporters. Ordinary companies do not pay special attention to the labeling of product luminous flux parameters.

"For manufacturers that do not specify the parameters of luminous flux, some of them are also considered for their strengths and weaknesses." Qiu Lei said that because there is no uniform standard in China, the regulations must be marked. Therefore, for small and medium-sized manufacturers, the product will be “biased” and lighter in terms of packaging labeling.

Zhang Baolin, general manager of Youxinguang Technology, also admitted that there is no uniform standard and norm in the market to restrict the circulation of products. Many manufacturers do not pay attention to the labeling of parameters. However, for brand manufacturers and small and medium-sized manufacturers, it is not because of the "short-term". “Some brand-name manufacturers also have some unmarked, and some small companies may have labeled them on the product, even if the parameters are relatively low.”

Zhang Baolin explained that in fact, for the labeling of luminous flux parameters, there are many variables in the product manufacturing process, and the equipment used by each manufacturer is one of the influencing factors. “The luminous flux parameters of the products are different for the detection equipment used in the middle and the far side. Even the same equipment, different batches of products are not the same.”

In addition, the power supply part is also one of the factors affecting the luminous flux. The common power conversion efficiency is up to 80%, and the lower the conversion efficiency, the greater the impact on the overall light flux performance. At the same time, the light transmittance of the lamp is also one of the influencing factors. The higher the light transmittance, the smaller the light loss, and the generally higher light transmittance can reach 80%-90%. However, such light transmittance is also difficult to ensure in large quantities.

Therefore, due to the influence of many uncertain factors and mass production, it is not guaranteed that all products can reach the uniform target, and Zhang Baolin said that the deviation of the same batch of the same equipment will not be too large.

In addition, compared with Qiu Lei's view, Zhang Baolin believes that the 3W shooting light flux is higher than 300lm, preferably 200-300lm or more, and less than 100lm.

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