GLII: Diagnose the chaos of the ceiling lamp market based on the sampling report

Phenomenon diagnosis

At present, there are five technical parameters of LED ceiling light that are mainly concerned in the industry, namely electric power, luminous flux, luminous efficiency, color temperature and index. High-tech LED fourth round CLEAR test project sampling 23 models 3WLED ceiling lamp brand manufacturers statistics:

Random inspection of ceiling light results statistics

Note: The mark is that the manufacturer has identified the parameters on the product or the package. The missing mark is that the manufacturer does not identify the parameters on the product or the package. The mark compliance rate is based on the parameters of the manufacturer's identification as the standard of compliance, and the test product meets the standard.

The parameter is out of standard and the identification rate is low.

The sampling inspection found that 23 brand manufacturers had sampled 23 3W LED ceiling lamps, and the important technical parameters of these products were seriously deficient. Specifically, the two parameters of electric power and color temperature are relatively complete, and only four manufacturers are missing the standard, while other technical parameters such as luminous flux, light efficiency, and indicating are seriously deficient, and more than 80% of the manufacturers do not identify relevant parameters. From the point of view of the mark compliance rate, 19 pieces of identification electric power parameters are up to standard; 19 color temperature parameters are identified, 5 items are not up to standard; 4 types of light flux parameters are identified, 2 items are not up to standard; 2 items of light efficiency parameters are not up to standard; It is indicated that none of the parameters of the parameters are met.

Low overall light efficiency

To become a good LED product, you should meet the light effect at 80-150lm/w, and the index is at 70-90. According to the sampling data, the average power of 23 manufacturers' ceiling lamps is sufficient, which means that the product requirements are met, but the average light effect is low, and the gap between good products is large.

diagnostic result

LED ceiling light market lacks uniform standards, products can not meet standards, cut corners, vicious price competition and other chaos:

Different manufacturers have different parameter description versions for the same ceiling light, which makes it impossible to compare products between different manufacturers;

The product identification is separated from the main technical parameters. On the one hand, it will not expose the quality of the product and cause blindness to the consumers; on the other hand, without the identification parameters, the relevant standards will not be met, thus laying a hidden danger for cutting corners;

The actual test results of the products can not meet the product identification parameter standards, and the phenomenon of “hanging sheep head selling dog meat” is flooding the market.

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