Another resident in the business "moving" professional store-style retail is in trouble

[High-tech LED reporter / Luo Shenghua] "Golden September and Silver 10" is the traditional retail season. However, at this time, another lighting city in Shenzhen has heard the news that many merchants have collectively moved, highlighting the retail of lighting terminals. In a dilemma.

When the reporter visited another home lighting city in Shenzhen, he found that compared with other stores, another home lighting city was very quiet. Although the first floor stores were in normal business, the traffic was scarce. When the reporter went up to the 2nd and 3rd floors, it was found that many stores had been dismantled, and the closed banners were displayed on the wall. The dismantled debris was scattered everywhere on the floor. Although a small number of merchants insisted on it, the number of customers could almost be used. To describe.

“Because of the small amount of passenger traffic, another number of merchants have moved away collectively.” Mr. Pan, the dealer, told reporters.

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