Cree Introduces Low Cost LED A-lamp

On January 27, 2011, Cree launched ENERGY STAR? 60-watt LED replacement A-lamp for standard LED replacement bulb performance.

“This is an important milestone for the industry,” said Chuck Swoboda, president and CEO of Cree. “In the competition to introduce low-cost, energy-saving LED bulbs to the market, the industry has forgotten that LED should be as good as the technology it replaces. This is the first product to replace the 60-watt incandescent lamp without any compromise."

This prototype bulb is dimmable and emits warm and beautiful incandescent colors (2700 K), with a CRI of at least 90. Can provide over 800 lumens of luminous flux and consume less than 10 watts; it has been submitted to third parties for testing to verify light distribution, lumen maintenance, and performance.

“We are committed to leading the market in the direction of market development through recent innovations in LED products and technology and show the industry the achievable prospects,” said Swoboda. “We show the world the potential of LED lighting bulbs and help Customers are launching products equipped with these innovative technologies. We are very excited about this.”

At present, there is not yet one that can meet ENERGY STAR? The 60 watt standard replaces the performance requirements of light bulbs and has this level of efficiency and light quality LED A-lamp.

“This is the first standard LED A-Lamp that combines high output and high efficiency with a small form factor that does not result in increased costs and increased complexity due to active cooling or other design tradeoffs,” said Rob Roe, Vice President, Cree Technologies Glass said, "We will continue to improve LED technology to help customers succeed and accelerate the pace of this LED revolution."

LED Panels Light

LED Panel Light Features:

1.New ultrathin design,modern and simple,can be widely used in home and public places.
2.Super bright light source SMD2835,PMMA cover,high light efficiency 70-110LM/W,energy saving.
3.Die casting aluminum lamp housing,spurting processing surface,anti-oxidation,anti-corrosion.
4.High quality led driver,constant isolated current,improve lamp lifespan with 50,000hrs.
5.High CRI≥70,different color temperature 2700-7000K for option.
6.Green environmental protection,easy to install,and 2 years warranty.
LED Panel Light Advantages:
1. Energy-Saving and environment used
2. Low Heat Emisssion; Low energy consumption: Only 3W can replacement 25W

LED Panel Light

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