How to solve the problem of LED lamp color temperature drift

LED lamp beads are prone to serious color temperature drift before and after baking in the package. Especially the larger lamp beads are more prone to color temperature drift problems, such as 5050, 5730 and other lamp beads.

1. The normal color temperature range is generally ±10% of the set color temperature. For example, the color temperature range of color temperature 3000K is 2700~3300K, and the color temperature range of 6000K is 5400~6600K. If the above range is above, the color temperature is unqualified;

2, the cause of color temperature drift: in the curing process of the encapsulant, due to uneven heating, some of the glue first solidified, so it is easy to cause the phosphor in the glue to sink and uneven dispersion, resulting in inconsistent light refraction Cause dispersion, which is called color temperature drift;

3. Method for solving color temperature drift: Method 1 - Three-stage baking, first stage 60 ° C / 1 h, second stage 110 ° C / 0.5 h, third stage 150 ° C / 3.0 h, in the first stage baking Because of the low temperature, the gel backing reaction is very mild, and the whole will become thicker and solidify at the same time. There will be no problem of curing speed, so that the phosphor is evenly distributed in the glue; Method 2), if it is two-stage curing, such as 100 ° C / 1h+150°C/3h, anti-settling powder can be added into the A glue to prevent uneven powder sedimentation during the curing process, thus avoiding the phenomenon of color temperature drift.

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