Moser Electronics Announces 2014 Smart Hardware Innovation Design Competition Successfully Closed

April 8, 2015 - Top engineering design resources and authorized distribution for the semiconductor and electronic components industry. Mouser Electronics announced that its title-sponsored 2014 Smart Hardware Innovation Design Competition has come to a successful conclusion. The design competition was launched in September 2014, attracting a large number of engineers and the Maker Group to participate, a total of 400 teams signed up for the competition, and finally produced 76 complete works. After more than six months of intense competition, the “Development of Advanced Metering System Smart Meters” by Huangwei Team of Sichuan Institute of Technology, with its perfect functions, high precision, high practicability, sensors, embedded, cloud and mobile terminal are effective. Combined design, the first prize is included in the bag.

“Let the hardware perceive and let the hardware think” is the goal of the design competition. At a time when Internet technology is changing with each passing day and information is exploding, the products of the era are constantly refreshing people's awareness of intelligent hardware. The future of intelligent hardware lies in the perception of people's needs and the thinking logic and capabilities that are designed to serve human needs. Mouser sponsored this competition and created the innovative design of intelligent hardware in China, which has a driving force for the development of intelligent hardware design in China.

Tian Jiping, Director of Market and Business Development for Mouser Asia, pointed out: "The original intention of the Mouser sponsorship design competition is to encourage engineers to use the next generation of information technology and integrated hardware to create different smart products for the benefit of the public. The works include female bracelets, mouse-friendly design, smart pots, smart cups, etc. From which we can see the designer's rich imagination and the ability to use advanced technology. The space created by China's intelligence is promising. The future Regardless of wearable devices, smart homes, smart medical care, smart agriculture, or security monitoring, the smart hardware market will certainly have a place in China."

"Mouser not only plays the role of sponsor in the competition, but also spares resources to provide a large number of semiconductors and components for the makers, ample data sheets, reference designs for specific suppliers, application notes, technical design information and engineering tools. And the new free design tool MulTISIM BLUE.” Tian added: “Mouser believes that engineers can change the world, and Mouser can be trusted.”

With a broad product line and superior customer service capabilities, Mouser meets the needs of design engineers and procurement staff with the latest generation of advanced technology. We provide the latest components with the most advanced technology to our customers' latest design projects through 20 customer support centers around the world. The Mouser website is updated daily, allowing users to find more than 10 million products and find more than 4 million orderable item numbers for easy online purchase. has the industry's first interactive catalog, datasheets, reference designs from specific vendors, application notes, technical design information, and engineering tools.

About Mouser Electronics

MOUSER is a subsidiary of TTI and a member of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway corporate family. Mouser is a leading distributor of authorized semiconductors and electronic components dedicated to promoting new products and technologies to electronic design engineers and procurement in the fastest way possible. has more than 4 million products from more than 500 manufacturers. The multi-language version of the catalogue is published annually to provide designers with the latest component data for next-generation product design. Located in southern Dallas, Texas, the company has a state-of-the-art 492,000-square-foot warehouse that ships to more than 400,000 customers in 170 countries around the world.

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