Home theater professor: answering a basket of home theater problems

[Home Theater Network HDAV.com.cn] The following Q&A comes from the question of netizens. We are here to answer the questions in a unified way and hope to help more people.

Q: The budget is 40,000 square meters, 3 meters wide and 3.2 meters long. Establish a small home theater video room! A: Do you want a projector? Q: No A: three options, the first is to use a small satellite sound system. Representative is BOSE. If the requirements are higher, you can use satellite speakers such as B&W, KEF and other professional audio brands. The second is to use active monitoring, the real F series is such a product. If you ask for a higher, then there is a third option, using THX certified wall speakers, such as Sonance.

Home theater professor: answering a basket of home theater problems

Genelec Active Home Theater Audio Set

Q: How big is the power of the main speaker of the hymn MRX710 combined machine amplifier? Is it made in Canada or made in China?

A: The power of the main speaker of the hymn MRX710 combined machine amplifier is 120W, a total of seven channels, produced in China.

Looking at the logo behind the MRX510, it is very clear that it is made in China.

Q: We have an enthusiast here to make a panoramic sound with two 7.1-channel amplifiers? Is this correct?

A: Obviously it is not right. I don't think about it anymore. I can't think of it. If he used the 7.1 channel and two amplifiers to make the panoramic sound, it wouldn't make sense in principle. However, I am not going to explain this to you in principle. I just want to give you a metaphor. You said that two bicycles can be tied together. Can he form a car?

Q: 50,000 entry configuration, deducting the projection screen and wire, etc., 5.1 plus power amplifier budget 35,000, what is the recommended combination? Movies and pop music is best to take care of!

A: I will configure it directly for you. It is recommended to set up a paradigm suit, including a pair of main speakers Monitor 7, a central monitor center 1, a pair of Atom Monitor, and a subwoofer DSP-3200. Finally, these boxes are paired with the original amp song MRX510.

Atom Monitor

Q: Thank you teacher! Hard work, how to deal with walls and ground to reduce the echo?

A: The most common way for enthusiasts is to install a bookshelf with books and DVDs that make the walls on both sides not parallel. The most direct way is to do some soft packs directly on the wall. If you want to be professional, you can use the acoustic materials of American Auralex to directly hang the wall. However, note that the sound absorption is not as good as possible. Even in a home theater, the sound absorption of a wall must not exceed one-third.

Q: What can I get DTS X and Dolby Atoms 2005 audition discs?

A: We currently have only one DTS X and one Dolby Atoms 2005. We have also tried to grab the content and share it with everyone. It turns out that no matter whether it is an ISO image or a direct copy of the M2TS format, it cannot be copied. It seems that the idea of ​​making pirated copies for the first time in this life cannot be realized. So we only have to go to DTS and Dolby to have a trial disc, and think about how to give it to everyone.

Q: Where is the difference between JBL and L890 and the higher-end JBL LS80?

A: This difference is a bit big. From the unit, the box, and the crossover, these two are completely different things. The L890 is actually a good evaluation of the JBL E series due to the high treble limit, which strengthens the workmanship and increases the product of the super high sound. However, the Guoguang unit used by it still has a very low quality, and there is still a big gap between the sound and the traditional JBL. The JBL LS series is a very standard JBL speaker, and the treble of this speaker also uses the same unit as the JBL 4 series. The LS series was originally designed for the Japanese market and has been sold in other parts of the world due to its excellent products. If you are choosing these two products, it is recommended to consider the LS80.

JBL L890 Set

JBL LS80 set

Q: Is this speaker on the 1st opera?

A: Can I tell you how bad it is? Because I really think he is bad. This does not know what should be called audio or furniture from the famous cottage companies love Hi-Fi. This love Hi-Fi sees the demand for low-cost home theater audio in the Chinese market, the big foreign brands in the cottage, and sells in a similar appearance and ultra-low price. The earliest in Taobao, now there are points throughout the country. This opera is the strong shadow of the sky.

Q: Is he different from the original? It looks a lot like it.

A: There is a famous motorcycle company called Lifan in Chongqing, where the magazine is located. Lifan saw that the car market was big, so he launched a lot of plagiarized cars. One of them is very similar to the mini group of the BMW Group, and the price is only one tenth of the mini. Do you think this Lifan and mini are different? If you feel that there is no difference, then Hi-Fi and his original copy are no different.

Q: Thank you. I currently have a set of Swans m60 active speakers. I want to upgrade to an AV amplifier with Bluetooth. Can the 5 satellite boxes of the m60 be used?

A: Actually it is ok. Many years ago, I did not do anything to push multimedia products with power amplifiers. However, the five satellite boxes are no problem to use, but the M60 can't be used - because the amplifier's signal is given to the subwoofer, the volume will be extremely small. However, the gun is not good, re-buy it is not a waste of new amplifier.

Q: Can a 3.7-meter-long, 3.5-meter-wide bedroom have a 100-inch curtain?

A: Of course, if you want, go up to 120 inches, of course, the premise is to choose ultra short throw projector. But in general, it is safer to invest 110 inches.

Q: My room is 4.9*3.2 meters. I just finished the renovation. Now I want to change to a cinema. Is it necessary to make a big renovation? I have a Bose 535ii cinema system. I bought it last year. Can I base it on this? Establishing a theater? This room usually works as a study room, so I want to have listening to music. Do I need to purchase a separate device?

A: 1. Is it a separate room? If it is movable, if it is just a bedroom, then there is no need to move, the area is relatively small. You already have a theater, what do you mean by the theater? Are you referring to the projector? Of course, you can. If it is a study, but also listen to music, it is obvious that bose is not suitable, it is best to change. If it is changed, it is recommended to create a panoramic sound system of 5.1.4 or 7.1.4, then it needs to be re-embedded.

Q: I really like the STARKE H1 that you recommended. I have a small room of 10 square meters. I want to use H1 for panoramic sound and a budget of 50,000. How do I match it?

A: STARKE H1 H1 three, a total of 24,000 yuan, AX65 two when surrounded, four when the sky channel, 3500 yuan one, six a total of 21,000 yuan, starke SUB36 15800 yuan. Then the remaining money is recommended to add a little one to buy a Denon X5200W. The system I recommend to you is 5.1.4, because there is no space behind your space sofa, so using 5.1.4 will be better than 7.1.2. It must be noted that the adjustment of the subwoofer can be very difficult due to the small space. If possible, it is best to add a dedicated low frequency manager.


Q: My speaker has been bought for several years, and I bought the entry product of JBL. I recently wanted to upgrade. I heard that the effect of upgrading the subwoofer and the amplifier is the most obvious. The amplifier is not too playable, and the setup is very complicated. Want to upgrade the subwoofer, please recommend a 5,000 yuan subwoofer. And, I am weak and ask, can my old amplifier be promoted?

A: I basically answered the questions originally, but today I can only answer them backwards. Because I really have to correct your problem - now the home theater subwoofer is active, simply said to bring its own amplifier, so there is no need to use AV amplifier to push the gun. In the entire system, the effect of upgrading the subwoofer is obvious, but there is also a premise that you have to use. The audio has been bought for a few years, and I haven't tried to do some basic debugging on the amplifier. So the new gun will not have too good effect. However, I still recommend some 5,000 yuan subwoofer for you - Thunder LV12S, SVS SB12 NSD.

Q: I want to buy a better sound. What should I choose?

A: This question... I don't know. Because he is the equivalent of asking you, how much is the RMB 100 yuan? The purchase of audio should be required, budget and standards. For example, please recommend me to the best home theater system for listening to light and light within 20,000 yuan, so that we have the recommended direction.

Q: When will the DTS X decoded amplifier be listed?

A: At present, there are already two models of Tianlong X7200W and Marantz 8802, but their DTS X decoding can be used after upgrading fireware. Other power amplifiers will have to wait for the new work amplifier to be listed in September this year.

Marantz AV8802

Q: What is the specific placement of DTS X?

A: We don't know much more than you, but from the information given by DTS, it should be more flexible. He couldn't do it with Dolby, which wouldn't be good for him.

Q: My amplifier is the Tianlong AVR-4520CI that I bought the year before. I plan to upgrade to the Tianlong X7200WA or experience the level of the Anqiao 5530. Can you give me some advice?

A: My suggestion is to wait. Now upgrade to the X7200WA, and then wait for the DTS X firmware release, this firmware is paid abroad. While the Onkyo 5530 feels good, it is also a product that does not support DTS X. Since you have an amplifier, you don't have to hurry to upgrade him. Waiting for peace of mind, it will be good at the end of this year! The new generation of power amplifiers in Europe and America and the dual decoding amplifiers in Japan will be listed at the end of the year.

Home theater professor: answering a basket of home theater problems

Tianlong AVR-4520CI

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