LED lighting 30 billion club companies gathered in Yangcheng, you are not coming?

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Yue Mengdi] The “2015 High-tech LED Supply Chain Good Product Tour” has been over for more than a month. The East China Station activity has come to an end. However, the market's attention to the supply chain has not declined. All LED companies have begun to improve the channel network, product research and development, supply chain system and terminal brand building. In the midst of a hustle and bustle, the LED lighting industry has entered a new development cycle.

The LED market is becoming more and more mature, and the pursuit of high cost performance is becoming more and more extreme. Products and services are becoming more and more homogeneous. In addition to the diversification of marketing models, the supply chain is the most direct link to profit. In fact, the LED lighting industry has entered a critical period of supply chain optimization and integration.

For LED lighting companies, the era of simply price is not the foundation for the survival of excellent enterprises. The cost of channel development is getting higher and higher, and the homogenization of products is getting more and more serious. What should enterprises do? Where is the way out? Many companies are secretly improving the supply chain, segmenting the market and optimizing the product structure. What are the next three years? Is the supply chain.

In 2014, it was destined to be the dividing point of China's LED industry, and the entire industry was finally convinced that the golden age had arrived.

In 2015, it is foreseeable that mainstream LED companies will not blindly pursue scale, and the company's energy will be more invested in refined supply chain management, research and development of new technology products and cost control.

In the 2015 high-tech LED supply chain good products to visit the sunshine lighting, Chen Yiping, general manager of the Sunlight China business unit, said that Sunlight also hopes to optimize in the supply chain to further enhance its market competitiveness.

The production of an LED lighting product requires the cooperation of the upper and middle reaches. In addition to the quality of the upstream chip, it also needs a series of supporting companies (lights, ICs, power supplies, heat sinks, circuit boards, automation equipment, housing kits and materials). Cooperate. How to find the most suitable combination and find the most professional and simple solution is a problem that every lighting company must face.

“'Speed, innovation, scale, quality' should represent the universal characteristics of this era. Looking forward to the future, this supply chain is bound to provide more lighting industry in terms of 'composite innovation, electronic electronic control solutions and process equipment innovation'. A better solution!” said Lin Jiliang, general manager of the Mulinsen Marketing Center.

Wang Zhigen, chairman of Linan Hengxing Lighting, also believes that if it can optimize in the supply chain, the market competitiveness will be even greater.

However, not all LED lighting companies have a thorough understanding of the upstream and midstream supply chains, and it is not clear how the light source, drive and peripheral components work together. And companies in the supply chain can't just stay on a single product, but need to provide a complete system solution. The traditional supply chain model will also be broken, and the matching of product design and application mode will be the mainstream of the future.

The goal of the establishment and optimization of the supply chain is to integrate the existing supply chain and establish a coordinated and orderly partnership. A good partnership can improve the efficiency of resource allocation, achieve rapid resource allocation at a lower cost, increase resource flexibility, reduce hidden procurement costs in the supply chain, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the supply chain.

In view of this, the 13th Gaogong LED Summit Forum (Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition), which will be held at Langham Place Guangzhou Nanfeng on June 8th, will focus on the integration and optimization of the supply chain to discuss the strategic choices for the second half of the year. . On the high-level LED construction supply chain high-level interactive platform, high-quality mid-upstream enterprises can establish a docking relationship with lighting companies, and look for future strategic partners in the new round of LED lighting market shuffling.

At that time, Philips, Osram, Sunshine Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, Op Lighting, Mulinsen Lighting, Jiamei Lighting, Yaming Lighting, Changfang Lighting, Yiguang Lighting, Snowlight LED and many other heavyweight enterprises in the LED lighting industry will gather together. Discuss the hot issues of the industry and find a better supply chain portfolio. Don't you come?

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