Using Internet of Things technology to achieve unattended

Using Internet of Things technology to achieve unattended

Vision Energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. developed the "Smart Wind Field Life Cycle Management System" to sense the front end based on various advanced sensors such as temperature, wind speed, rotation speed, pressure, electricity, and vibration. The relevant data was analyzed by the PLC controller after analysis. , Self-optimized control strategy, so that the fan to achieve "self-thinking" and "self-adjustment." This system covers the whole process of wind farm from design and construction to operation and maintenance, realizes the intelligent integrated management of all equipment and is “unattended”, providing a successful example for the wind power industry in China to improve the operation and management level and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Perceiving equipment allows fans to smell "wind"

Wind resources are huge, clean and renewable new energy sources and have attracted wide attention from all walks of life. In recent years, China's wind power industry has developed rapidly and its installed capacity has continuously improved.

Research shows that the wind power industry is both a technology-intensive industry and a capital-intensive industry. A generator unit consisting of 33 turbines has invested more than 200 million yuan in its early stage. However, China's wind power industry started relatively late. There are widespread problems such as low equipment asset management, extensive maintenance and maintenance management, lack of operational performance assessment, and uneven quality of employees, which has caused high wind farm maintenance costs and increased wind power. The cost of electricity will constrain the development of the wind power industry.

Zhao Qingsheng, deputy director of Vision Energy Cloud Services Department, said: “The key to solving the problem is to build an informatization and intelligent platform for the operation of the wind farm, and to operate the fan operation, background monitoring, operation and maintenance unit nodes, so that the wind field can 'think' and 'self' management'."

According to reports, Vision Energy's self-developed "smart fan" incorporates advanced sensors such as temperature, wind speed, rotation speed, pressure, power, and vibration inside the blades and fans to enable the fans to accurately perceive their own state and external environment. The data collected by these sensors will be collected in the PLC controller on each fan. The controller integrates the data analysis system, active performance control system and decision-making algorithm developed by Vision, with a control code of more than 2 million lines, enabling the fan to independently optimize the control strategy and operation mode according to different situations, so that each fan can "Thinking."

According to different wind turbines, the long-distance view uses wired or wireless transmission technology to connect the operational data of each wind turbine with the remotely developed control platform to realize real-time and two-way “AC” between different smart wind turbines so that the wind turbine can work on itself. The status and the mutual influence with the neighboring wind turbines make intelligent judgments, so that all links in the wind farm are “stationary” and “good coordination” so as to achieve the goal of optimal power generation in the entire field.

Vision fusion smart wind turbine and laser radar wind measurement technology, will be based on the traditional "point of wind" measurement and control, upgraded to "surface wind" intelligent monitoring and control, accuracy of 95%. “This not only improves the response speed and response quality of the wind turbine, but also ensures the optimal power generation while reducing the impact of bad wind conditions on the fan load,” said Zhao Qingsheng.

Research shows that long-range intelligent wind turbines can not only perform front-end sensing, but also make “conditional reflections” on environmental changes.

For example, when a breeze is encountered, a single smart fan will adjust the fan orientation and blade angle according to the wind direction, wind speed, and other data, so that each wind is “use its best” to improve the efficiency of wind power generation and increase the integration of wind power. Capacity, and can accurately control the output power of the entire wind farm.

The data shows that the intelligent wind turbine can ensure that the actual output of the wind farm fluctuates no more than 2% above and below the rated value (in the case of non-intelligent wind turbines, this value will exceed 10%), which greatly reduces the impact on the entire power grid caused by unstable wind field voltage. Impact, enhance the friendliness between the wind farm and the power grid. At the same time, the power generation efficiency can be increased by 15% to 20%, which improves the operating efficiency of the wind farm.

"Wisdom Wind Farm" Unattended on-site

Zhao Qingsheng said, "Intelligent wind turbines are like individual athletes who think independently. To improve the quality and efficiency of the entire wind farm, we also need a coach who leads the overall situation."

The coach mentioned by Zhao Qingsheng is the "First Life Cycle Management System of Smart Wind Farm" pioneered by Vision Energy.

Zhang Lei, Chairman of Vision Energy, said: The system includes the smart wind farm Greenwich platform and Wind OS platform and its advanced applications. It connects wind turbines, wind farms, wind measuring towers, power grids, equipment manufacturers, and operators through sensors, data transmission equipment, and monitoring centers. It collects and analyzes data in real time and forms an intelligent wind farm management solution. .

Among them, the Greenwich platform is based on high-performance computing and big data architecture, combined with mesoscale simulation and CFD models, to ensure the economical investment of wind power assets as the ultimate goal, to provide customers with wind farm planning, wind resource assessment, fine micro-site selection , Low wind speed wind field optimization, economic evaluation, post-asset valuation analysis solutions, help customers to improve the actual investment income of the wind farm, control the design error of wind farm productivity, avoid potential uncertain investment risks, and lay a good foundation for later cost reduction and efficiency increase. basis.

The Wind OS platform enables remote centralized monitoring, energy management, and report management of wind turbines, wind towers, and boost stations. The platform can collect real-time data on wind turbine sensors such as voltage, blade position, temperature and vibration, and rely on a long-term expert database for comparative analysis. After discovering abnormal data, it interprets itself and predicts potential faults in the fan and changes the past. Regular maintenance and post-maintenance work modes reduced spare and labor costs, while improving the operation and maintenance of the wind farm.

The Shanxi Guangling Wind Farm Project is a demonstration project that comprehensively uses the “Smart Wind Field Life Cycle Management System”. In the Regulatory Office of the Prospect Energy Headquarters in Jiangyin City, the research analyst clicks on the individual fan icons to observe the real-time conditions such as wind speed, wind direction and power. Below the blower icon, the status indicators such as "normal power generation", "sub-healthy operation", "failure shutdown", "user shutdown" and "weather stop" are displayed at a glance.

According to the person in charge of Shanxi Guangling Wind Farm, the substation of Guangling Wind Farm is designed as a 220kV unattended substation on the power grid. The wind farm and the local unattended operation are all remotely monitored by the Jiangyin Vision Energy Headquarters. An area maintenance center is located in the county near Guangling. Three maintenance personnel manage multiple wind farms. When the fan is inspected, the maintenance personnel can use the APP software installed in the mobile phone to determine the fan position, maintenance items, maintenance procedures, and maintenance status. "Remote centralized monitoring, on-site mobile maintenance."

The data shows that the use of "smart wind farm life cycle management system" wind farm operation time of 800 hours (400 hours in Europe average), the availability of wind turbines can reach more than 99%, while reducing operating and maintenance costs 40% In order to improve the work efficiency of the personnel, the original average management of 10 fans will be increased to 1 person to manage 60 fans.

The market calls for green energy, and the long-term energy is ready to go

According to the data, in 2013, wind power generation in China reached 134.9 billion kilowatt-hours, accounting for 2.5% of the total power generation in the country, accounting for 1% of total primary energy consumption, and surpassing nuclear energy to become China’s third largest energy source. According to China's wind power development plan, by 2020, wind power will be connected to 200 million kilowatts, accounting for 2.5% of total primary energy consumption, which means that China's wind power operation and maintenance market will reach 100 billion scale.

According to Zhang Lei, “The smart wind farm life cycle management system promotes the smart reform in the energy field and represents the development direction of the wind power industry. Next, the vision will provide personalized customized services according to different types of customer needs.”

For large enterprises, Vision Energy will provide customers with upgrades and upgrades of smart sensors, processors and other modules to help them achieve dynamic optimization of blade angles and improve power generation performance. For medium-sized enterprises, they will mainly promote smart wind field systems and provide customized solutions for customers. The solution for the solution; for small businesses, will take the form of general package wind farm site operation and maintenance.

According to reports, Vision Energy has both advantages in software and hardware. In 2012-2013, it signed contracts for the smart wind farm software management platform with wind power operators such as Atlantic Power and US Pattern Energy. The vision for the future will further improve system functions, expand the scope of system use, and gradually extend the "Smart Wind Field Life Cycle Management System" to other new energy asset management areas.

Company Profile: Yuanjing Energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is the largest provider of smart fan equipment in China with a total installed capacity of over 2.4 million kilowatts. The installed capacity in 2013 ranked the top four in the country. It is expected that in 2014, the company's business scale will reach 10 billion, ranking China's top three and the world's top five. Vision Energy actively builds a “Smart Energy” blueprint for the integration of smart sensing, intelligent control, cloud computing, big data, and energy management technologies to promote smarter transformation in the traditional energy field. At present, the global strategic layout in Denmark, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Wuxi, Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing has been successively completed, and the R&D capability and technical level are in a leading position in the world.

Case Profile: Vision Energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. developed the "Smart Wind Field Life Cycle Management System", relying on a variety of advanced sensors such as temperature, wind speed, rotation speed, pressure, electricity, vibration, etc. to sense the front end. The relevant data is passed by the PLC controller. After aggregating the analysis, we independently optimized the control strategy so that the wind turbines could achieve "self-thinking" and "self-adjustment." The system includes the Greenwich platform and Wind OS platform, which can cover the whole process of wind farm from design and construction to operation and maintenance, and realize intelligent integrated management of all equipment.

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