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Magneto-optical effect sensor

Modern electric measurement technology is becoming more and more mature. It has been widely used in the measurement of electrical quantity and non-electric quantity because of its high precision and convenient automatic real-time processing by microcomputer connection. However, the electrical measurement method is susceptible to interference. In the case of AC measurement, the frequency response is not wide enough and there are certain requirements on the withstand voltage and insulation. In the rapid development of laser technology, the above problems have been solved.

Magneto-optical effect sensors are high-performance sensors developed using laser technology. Laser is another new technology that developed rapidly in the early 1960s. Its appearance marks a new stage in which people master and use light waves. Due to the low monochromaticity of ordinary light sources in the past, many important applications have been limited, and the emergence of lasers has made radio technology and optical technology soar, interpenetrate and complement each other. Nowadays, many sensors have been made using lasers, which solve many technical problems that could not be solved before, making it suitable for dangerous and flammable places such as coal, oil and natural gas storage.

For example, an optical fiber sensor made of laser can measure the parameters of crude oil injection and cracking of large oil cans. In the actual measurement location, it is not necessary to supply power, which is especially suitable for the petrochemical equipment group where the safety explosion-proof measures are very strict. It can also be used to realize the optical telemetry technology in some aspects of large steel plants.

The principle of the magneto-optical effect sensor is mainly to realize the function of the sensor by utilizing the polarization state of the light. When a beam of polarized light passes through the medium, if there is an external magnetic field in the direction of beam propagation, the light will rotate through an angle of polarization, which is the magneto-optical effect. That is, the applied magnetic field can be measured by the angle of rotation. Under a specific test device, the angle of deflection is proportional to the intensity of the output. By illuminating the laser diode LD with output light, a digitized light intensity can be obtained for measuring a specific physical quantity.

Since the end of the 1960s, RC Lecraw has raised the attention of the research report on magneto-optical effects. Japan, the Soviet Union and other countries have carried out research, and there are also scholars in the country to explore. The magneto-optical effect sensor has excellent electrical insulation performance and anti-interference, wide frequency response, fast response, safe explosion-proof and so on. Therefore, it has unique effects on the measurement of electromagnetic parameters in special occasions, especially in high-voltage and high-current in power systems. The measurement aspect shows its potential advantages. At the same time, automatic real-time measurement of the welding machine and the robot control system can also be realized by developing the software and hardware of the processing system. In the use of magneto-optical effect sensors, the most important thing is to choose magneto-optical media and lasers. Different devices have different capabilities in terms of sensitivity and working range. With the advent of high-performance lasers and new types of magneto-optical media in recent decades, magneto-optical effect sensors have become more and more powerful and have become more widely used.

The magneto-optical effect sensor is a special-purpose sensor that can perform its functions in a specific environment and is also a very important industrial sensor.

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