Simplified lighting creates a quality problem with outstanding landscape

The landscape lighting of different objects does not have outstanding personality. The design is simple. The urban lighting system includes different objects such as roads, buildings, squares, greenery, water bodies, etc. The lighting effects and landscape images also have their own characteristics. They are organically combined and can Form a rhythmic, sequenced urban night landscape. The current lighting effect does not reflect the multiplicity and complexity of the landscape. Simplified lighting creates quality problems with outstanding landscapes, especially for architectural landscapes with high aesthetic value, regardless of their image and cultural characteristics, simply using floodlighting and using a lot of color, or adding huge The commercial lighting sign destroys the original cultural and artistic aesthetic value of the building. For the building, such lighting is superficial.

Light pollution and glare are serious. At present, astronomical observations have become a prominent issue. Improper lighting settings also interfere with passing vehicles and pedestrians, affecting residents' rest. Light pollution generally refers to sky light, fugitive light, and light invading. Sky light refers to the part of the light that is emitted into the sky by the illuminator. It comes from two aspects: one is that the spotlight or the street lamp illuminates the object while the part of the light illuminates the sky; the second is the part of the illuminated part. Reflected light, such as large areas of the road surface.

Hair Twist Sponge/Magic Hair Twist Sponge

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6. Material: EVA + Sponge

Hair Twist Sponge Product

Sponge Product

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