NS Introduces New Design Tools to Simplify and Accelerate LED Lighting System Design Process

National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: NSM) announced the addition of a WEBENCH LED Architect design tool to the company's award-winning WEBENCH® Designer family of design tools. This is the industry's first tool to design an LED system architecture. Both circuit design experts and junior engineers can easily and in real-time compare complex lighting system designs in a matter of minutes, in terms of system performance, solution size and Find the optimal solution between costs.

The entire design process is divided into several steps. The designer first enters the required luminous flux output (lumen) value, then rotates the unique WEBENCH optimized turntable to evaluate the size, conversion efficiency and cost, and then selects the final selected The parameters are further revised to the design. Designers can order the relevant components needed for modeling online, share design results with other peers, and easily print out entire project reports including schematics, bill of materials (BOM) and performance parameters. Please click http://bit.ly/LEDvideo to watch the video demo.

National Semiconductor will detail the WEBENCH LED Architect design tool in several upcoming events:

Strategies in Light Europe - Frankfurt, Germany (September 27 to 29, 2010)

EDN Designing with LEDs - Chicago, IL, USA (September 29, 2010)

China Solid-State Lighting Conference - Shanghai, China (October 14-16, 2010)

Mr. Phil Gibson, Vice President of National Semiconductor Technology Sales Tools, said: "We can ensure that creative designers can compare up to 100 lines in just a few minutes. WEBENCH LED Architect Design Tools Allow them to freely use their imagination to bring unique lighting system designs at the lowest cost."

Introduction to National Semiconductor WEBENCH LED Architect Design Tool

WEBENCH LED Architect is a design tool that responds quickly and graphically to the characteristics of the system, providing design support for lighting systems that output up to 100,000 lumens. This tool balances LED performance, drive current, and thermal compensation in seconds. In addition, the tool analyzes the performance of the newly introduced 350 LEDs, 30 heatsinks, and 35 LED drivers from 12 leading manufacturers. The database also holds information on 21,000 passive components. Users only need to pay attention to the test results at the system level. Other complex operational problems related to electronic characteristics and heat dissipation can be solved by WEBENCH LED Architect. Users can also use the electronic feature simulation test function to repeatedly test, verify or filter components. Simply visit the web page to try out the WEBENCH LED Architect design tool.

National Semiconductor LED Driver Introduction

National's PowerWise® energy-efficient LED drivers provide constant drive current for multiple strings of different LEDs, ensuring consistent color and brightness for each string of LEDs over a wide operating temperature range. National's drives feature dimming, thermal management, and fault protection to improve the lighting performance of different lighting systems. The WEBENCH LED Architect design page details National's range of LED driver products, including the LM3464 with dynamic voltage scaling, the chip, the LM3424 chip with thermal control, and the AECQ-100 automotive-grade electronic application system. LM3409HV high current MOSFET controller. For more information on National's LED driver products, visit http://

Introduction to National Semiconductor WEBENCH Designer Design Tools

Engineering experts and junior electronics and mechanical engineers around the world love to design with National's online and offline power, lighting, and sensing design tools, and more than 400,000 electronic systems are designed each year with these design tools. These design tools are available in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. Designers can use these easy-to-use design tools to simultaneously test and compare the performance of different vendors' chips across different circuitry. Simply log in to http:// and you can design right away.

A high-resolution photo of the design tool is available for download from National's online photo library at http://

National Semiconductor Corporation

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, National Semiconductor is a leading power management technology developer with a focus on providing easy-to-use analog ICs with world-class supply. Chain management technology and experience are highly regarded by the industry. The company's high-performance analog products increase the energy efficiency of the system and are therefore highly popular with customers. Additional information about National Semiconductor can be found at

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