Egg Benefits Multi-Urban White Collar Nutrition Accelerator

Eggs are one of the foods that we often overlook. In fact, eggs are the best source of nutrition for humans. For humans, eggs have the best protein quality, second only to breast milk. However, people don't know enough about the eggs that are at their fingertips in daily life. Xiao Bian collected the latest research on eggs. Choose the N rules of the egg

The triode, the full name should be a semiconductor triode, also known as a bipolar transistor, a crystal triode, is a semiconductor device that controls current. Its function is to amplify the weak signal into an electrical signal with a large amplitude value, and also as a non-contact switch.
Transistor is one of the basic components of semiconductors, with current amplification, is the core component of electronic circuits. The triode is made up of two closely spaced PN junctions on a semiconductor substrate. The two PN junctions divide the monolithic semiconductor into three parts, the middle part is the base area, and the two sides are the emitter area and the collector area, and the arrangement is PNP. And NPN two.

Small Signal Transistor

Small Signal Transistor,Digital Transistor,Darlington Transistor,Power Transistor

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