Dehao Runda's 3.5 billion directional issuance was approved to introduce 80~100 MOCVD

[High-tech LED News] Recently, Dehao Runda issued a notice saying that the 3.5 billion private placement has been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. This is the second large-scale expansion of the LED after the company completed the additional fundraising of 1.5 billion yuan in November last year. Capacity.

According to Dehao Runda, the 3.5 billion yuan of targeted fundraising will be invested in the Wuhu LED epitaxial wafer production line project and supplementary liquidity after deducting the issuance costs. The project plans to form an annual production capacity of 1.8 million 4-inch LED epitaxial wafers. It is estimated that after the project is completed and put into production, it will increase the annual average operating income of 7.956 billion yuan and the annual after-tax profit of 1.587 billion yuan.

Dehao Runda said that by the end of this year, the Wuhu Industrial Base will initially form a complete LED industry chain. At present, six MOCVD equipments have been mass-produced in Wuhu, 12 MOCVD equipments are in trial production, and 36 units are undergoing pre-production commissioning. The $3.5 billion raised will be used to introduce 80 to 100 MOCVD equipment in the next step.

Dehao Runda admits that the LED industry has a long investment cycle, and the initial investment is huge, and the technical requirements are also high, so it has a greater risk. However, domestic LED investment does not overheat, LED industry is still a healthy industry, and with the support of LED green energy-saving lighting products, LED capacity will bring ideal profit margins.

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