Illumination standard and design method of computer room lighting

The quality of the computer room lighting will not only affect the work efficiency and physical and mental health of computer operators and software and hardware maintenance personnel, but also affect the reliable operation of the electronic equipment room. Therefore, reasonable selection of lighting control methods, lamp types, layout and some related equipment can not be ignored in the decoration and electrical engineering design of electronic equipment room.

China's computer room lighting design standards

The main indicator of China's computer room lighting design standards is illumination. Illuminance E: When the luminous flux is projected onto the surface of the object, the surface of the object can be illuminated; the illuminance is the surface density of the luminous flux, that is, the ratio of the luminous flux φ incident on the surface of the object to the area S of the surface of the object, ie E=φ/S ( The unit of illumination is lux Lx).

When considering the lighting of the equipment room, the requirements of uniformity of illumination, stability of illumination, color rendering of the light source, glare and shadows must also be mentioned in the schedule. These factors will also not be effective for operators and maintenance personnel. Underestimated impact. Because the division of labor in each functional area in the general central computer room is different, the illumination requirements in the illumination are also different. The average illumination of the equipment room area can be greater than 500Lx from the vertical working surface of the ground plane of 1400mm.

The average illuminance of the equipment room, glare limit standards and corresponding measures, as well as other technical requirements of the equipment room, including layout, area, man-machine environment, hum, electromagnetic interference, etc., are clearly defined in the architectural design standard GB50034-2004. .

1. The average illuminance of the host room can be taken as 300 or 5001x.

2. The average illuminance of the basic work room and the first type of auxiliary room can be taken as 100, 150, 2001x.

3. The second and third types of auxiliary rooms shall be valued according to the current lighting design standards. At the same time, the relationship between the operating environment and the illuminance value of the equipment room is clearly defined, such as the low value of the intermittent operation of the equipment room; the median of the continuously operating equipment room; the high value of the continuously operating equipment room; Median or high value.

Computer room general lighting design

First of all, the layout of the lighting should be considered in consideration of the aesthetics of the equipment room, the importance of the location, and the location of the equipment. From the perspective of the aesthetics of the equipment room, the layout of the lamps should be evenly arranged, that is, maintain a certain distance in the vertical and horizontal directions, and determine according to the area of ​​the equipment room. The direction of the luminaire; from the importance of the position; the luminaire should be determined according to the nature and role of the location to achieve better results; at the same time the location of the equipment needs to also consider factors such as avoiding shadows for easy maintenance.

Secondly, the lighting design of the equipment room should meet the requirements of illumination, uniformity and glare limitation standards. Five lighting criteria should be considered: illumination level, brightness distribution in the field of view, protection from glare, spatial distribution of light, color rendering and color rendering. . These are suitable for both ambient and artificial light, as well as environmental conditions in which the light is combined. Large computer rooms should pay more attention to green lighting, save energy and protect people's physical and mental health.

The choice of equipment materials for the equipment room should be selected from lamps without starter or electronic ballast; lamps with lamp and anti-black light; lamps that can double the air return of air conditioner; lamps with good overall decoration; The luminaires, so-called high-efficiency, should not be lower than 65% (glass or transparent plastic protective cover) according to market products and specifications. The efficiency of the louver luminaire should be more than 60%. It is recommended to use the reflective high-grade electroplated grid type fluorescent lamp set matched with the ceiling. The specification is: 600×1200, the lamp adopts PHILIPS lamp, high brightness, no glare, uniform illumination, low noise and quick start. Give people a new, safe, efficient and comfortable working environment. The computer room lighting system uses multiple sets of 3×36W embedded grille light panels (600×1200). One of them came back with UPS power. The choice of light source for lighting design and the selection of lamps are important. After selecting the light source that satisfies the color rendering, start-up time, and illumination requirements, the model and specifications of the lamp are determined based on the comprehensive comparison of the efficiency, life, and price of the light source, the lamp, the ballast, and the like.

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