Thermostat failure cooking oil caught fire

On the morning of January 7, 2014, in the kitchen of a hotel in Changzhi Road, South Central Street, when a chef heated a pot of edible oil, the temperature controller on the cooker failed, causing the cooking oil to overheat and burning.

At about 10 o'clock in the morning, the fire department received an alarm and the officers and men quickly arrived. Since it was not yet officially open, there were not many people in the store, and only the staff was busy. At this time, the smoke in the kitchen was diffused, making it difficult to breathe. Fire officers and soldiers promptly conducted investigations at the scene to determine who was trapped on the scene.

The reconnaissance of the fire discovered that there was a flame burning on the kitchen countertop and a “baba” sound was emitted, and the fire had not yet spread over large areas. The hotel staff introduced that the burning material is edible oil. Since these oils burn very violently, everyone can only quickly evacuate. The officers and men quickly organized the power to control the open flame and extinguished the fire in a short time.

The operator introduced that a semi-smart cooker is used in the kitchen and the temperature in the cooker can be adjusted accordingly. Before heating the pot, they had already adjusted the thermostat on the cooker to the proper temperature. However, due to the sudden failure of the thermostat, the pot was continuously heated and eventually burned. Fortunately, the firefighters arrived in time, and they would not dare to imagine the consequences.

Xiaobian in this loyal remind you, especially the majority of the food industry businesses, buy kitchen appliances, electric water heaters, dishwashers, especially frying pans and other appliances, do not just look beautiful, must see accessories, one The core device of a good frypot is the quality of the thermostat. Generally, the kitchen utensils of the first-tier brands use the German EGO brand thermostat. It is understood that Foxconn's factory in the northeast China also had an oven fire in 2012. It was also due to the use of inferior counterfeit thermostats. After reform, it adopted the EGO thermostat from Shenzhen UBS. And regular replacement, to ensure the normal operation of the production.

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