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The last time Xiaozhi said, don't put the woman's heart and the silk together, especially in the case of buying a mobile phone. If you talk to your girlfriend about what CPU, what memory is stored, 1080P2K screen Professional mobile phone language and the like, it is estimated that you will have to smash for a lifetime. Speaking of what kind of mobile phone the sister likes, everyone may know that the smashing gun iPhone is the first choice. Then it is the oppo that charges the five-minute call for 2 hours, and the soft-light self-timer mobile phone of the Korean even. The girl has already been this. Three brands have been conquered.

But when it comes to high price and low allocation and self-portraits, in addition to these three brands, now a new mobile phone brand can definitely kill them, that is, Mito mobile phone.

How crazy is the Mito phone? The Mito M6 and Mito V4S, which have just been launched, are the main selfie stars, and everyone is a star. On the Internet, Mito mobile phone bombarded through various advertisements, quickly swept the entertainment circle, network red circle, fashion circle, and harvested a large number of star users such as Anglebaby, Guan Xiaotong, Sheng Yilun, Liu Tao, Xie Na, Liu Yan.

In reality, all kinds of specialty stores line up to buy you to make you wonder, the world in addition to the iPhone, there will be other phones so crazy.

When it comes to price, the latest version of Mito M6 is the same as the oppo r9 ​​MediaTek P10 processor, 3G storage, and the front fingerprint identification is also the only domestically made to be the same as the iPhone shape, the listing price is 2599 yuan, But now there are no goods for 3,500 yuan or even 4,000 yuan.

The official claim is that the user demand is too large, resulting in insufficient capacity.

So why is it? You can guess it yourself.

However, Mito phones still have advantages, such as the 21-megapixel beauty camera, the exclusive beauty face big data recognition, and the separate beauty processor engine, which is really pretty good for self-timer. Xiao Zhi also had the privilege of trying it once.

Meitu mobile phone also tries to create a fashion luxury light luxury style, which is also widely praised by the sister after trial. Compared with oppo and vivo, although the sales volume can not be compared, but for the user group, it is all love beauty. The sisters of consumption are the ones who don’t pay attention to the money, so it’s really a trick to the girl, oppo and vivo have to give Mito.

However, I am not going to find a girl with a Mito phone. After all, even if it is a ghost, you can't recognize it!

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