Update look anker - anker two charger second generation

Originally, Meiya entered an ANKER two-port charger, which was ready to take at all times. It should be an emergency and very easy to use. But recently found that the charger suddenly did not respond, insert a no problem, insert two useless, think for a long time, or like ANKER, so Jingdong and start one.

The original intention of starting is to be portable, so my sun bill is still to display the appearance and whether it is mainly portable, does not involve the use of the situation, so trouble the technical experts do not grant me

The packaging is as concise as always, but there is no current demo card that the previous generation of Meiya bought.

Open is a simple plastic bag wrapped charger

Everything except the charger is a few thin paper

Observing the appearance carefully, the workmanship is much more detailed than the generation. The front is the LOGO of ANKER.

The other side is limpid.

Two charging ports, and smart IQ. The work of the USB port is much stronger than the previous generation. At least not like a generation is awkward.

The socket is very smooth.

Model, origin, various logos.

Take a photo with the generation. Obviously bigger than a generation.

By contrast, generations are a little higher.

The second generation should be wider.

The USB port comparison is very obvious, and the second generation has an indicator light.

There is no middle empty loop in the charging port. Do not know what role.

Now start a portable test.

The girl's bag is loaded, so it's generally very heavy. However, if the current mobile phone is a little more useless, it will not be able to support one day and must carry the portable charging device. Since the home is basically an Apple device, Apple's two chargers are used for comparison.

Four rows sit. The first one from the left is the ANKER two-port charging second generation, the second one is the ANKER two-port charging generation, the third Apple's 10W charger, the IPAD is used, the fourth is the Apple's 5W, and the mobile phone is used.

Take a look at the smallest Apple phone charging head, 26G, very light.

IPAD charging head, 10W, much heavier, 67G.

The ANKER two-head charge generation is lighter than the IPAD, 66G.

The final appearance is the seed player, ADNKER two charger second generation, 95G.

Take a look at my usual EDC equipment, that is, a charge head, an Android line plus a conversion head, plus an ANKER lipstick mobile power.

Total weight: 175G.

Look at the new equipment: 204G

In comparison, the lightest still uses Apple's mobile phone charging head: 135G, indeed very light.

Plug in the performance on the line, did not connect the device light blue light, if sufficient is also a bright blue light.

Charging starts with a green light.

Since there is no equipment, the current is not tested for this charger. I believe that ANKER's workmanship. Finally sum up:

Advantages: The workmanship is more exquisite than before, there are hint lights, and it is convenient to use. The two ports are fast-charged to meet the needs of two devices at the same time. There are many applicable scenarios.

Disadvantages: Too heavy.

Originally, I wanted to bring it with me. This added weight, so I had to put it at home and bring it out when I was on a business trip.

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