NetBIOS protocol knowledge

NetBIOS (NETWORK BASICINPUT / OUTPUTSYSTEM) network basic input / output system is a special program used for communication between computers and one of the important protocols in computer network communication. It supports protocols such as TCP / IP, MAP / TOP, IEEE, and OSI, and NetBIOS is rapidly becoming a programming platform commonly used in different operating system environments. The basic concepts of NetBIOS include NetBIOS names, NetBIOS commands, NetBIOS communication methods, etc., which are explained below.

NetBIOS name: NetBIOS is a system that works by name, and each network workstation has a name. NetBIOS keeps a list of names. Each name consists of 16 characters. When communicating, the source and destination addresses of the information are represented by names.

NetBIOS command: The function of NetBIOS is completed by a series of commands. There are two WAIT and NO_WAIT return modes for NetBIOS commands. The former waits until the command is completed before returning to your program, the latter immediately returns to your program, and brings back the "immediate return code", and returns a "final return code" when the command is completed.

NetBIOS communication method: NetBIOS has two communication methods, namely datagram communication method and session communication method. Datagram communication is a non-connection-oriented communication method. The length of information in each datagram must be less than or equal to 512 bytes. Session communication is a connection-oriented communication method. The length of information is limited to 65535 bytes. .

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