[Inventory] Top Ten Frontier Technologies in the Robot Industry

In recent years, the robot industry has been optimistic from the rise to the present, and the support policies issued by the top leaders of the country in high-tech such as robots are one after another. Nowadays, the Chinese robot market has become the world's largest market. It is not difficult to see that China has great potential in the robot industry. Chinese researchers are constantly innovating on the road of robots, and now they have achieved considerable results. This article takes stock of the top ten technologies of the latest application in the robotics industry in 2015 for your reference.

Biomechanical integration technology


Biomechanical integration is a cutting-edge science and technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. This technology is applied to robots. By measuring and processing neural information and establishing human-machine information channels, neuro-biosignals are transmitted to robots, enabling robots to execute. Human command. Because of this principle, prosthetics can also "understand" people's instructions and become part of the human body.

Security robot inspection technology


The intelligent inspection robot carries a detection device such as an infrared camera and a visible light camera, patrols the work area and transmits the picture and data to the remote monitoring system, and performs infrared temperature measurement on the device node to timely detect defects such as heat generation of the device. At the same time, the sound condition can be judged by the sound detection. Automatically determine and alarm the accident hazards and fault precursors in the operation of the equipment, effectively eliminating accidents.

Big data and analytics


More and more data is available, and human interpretation is fixed. Computers can help humans find their own blind spots, and data can allow computers and humans to communicate and integrate. The big data-based analytics model has recently emerged in a large number of global manufacturing industries, with the advantage of optimizing product quality, saving energy, and improving equipment services.

LED Switches

LED Switches

LED Switches, belong to LED Light Switches serious, is also called flat-reset LED indication switch. The overall appearance of the product is a flat panel type, and can be automatically reset. The switch function part has an LED indicator, which not only accurately indicates the on/off state of the switch, but also makes it easy for the user to find the switch position in the darkness.

LED Light Switches

LED Push Button Switches are suitable for consumer products, computer products, test instruments, communication equipment. This light switch could contain momentary switches and self lock and it is very sensitive. It could work only with a little strength, just a bit like Micro Switches . Furthermore, the shape of the light could be round, square and five position as well. In addition, we could equip with all kinds of color for the LED On Off Switch, including white,yellow,red, green,etc. One more important advantage for our light switch is that we could equip with double color for the LED light switches,like red&green, red&blue, red&yellow.

mini push button switches

Different from other switches,including Metal Switches, Rotary Switches, Slide Switches, Automotive Switches, LED switches is a flat design with no rocker protruding parts. The style is modern and fashionable,not easy to dust. Its opening and closing operations are all in the same position. After the release of the hand, the rocker automatically restores the flatness and feels better and lasts longer.

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