3GPP technical specification group discloses 5G standardization roadmap

The 3GPP (Third GeneraTIon Partnership Project) announced on June 27, 2016 that the "3GPP Technical SpecificaTIons Groups" (TSG #72) has detailed work on the first version of the 5G standard, Release 15. The plan is agreed. The plan describes the coordination projects and inspection priorities of each working group, and clarifies that the 5G related specifications for Release 15 will be determined in June 2018.

3GPP technical specification group discloses 5G standardization roadmap

Release 15 5G Standardization Schedule (from the 3GPP website)

Regarding 3GPP TSG RAN, regarding the scope of 5G New Radio (NR) survey of Release 15, the technical specification group agreed to support both independent (stand-alone, only 5G) and non-independent (using both LTE environment and NR) architectures. . Moreover, the target use case and target frequency band are also determined. The target use cases are Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) and Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency CommunicaTIons (URLCC), which require low latency and high reliability. The target frequency band is Below 6 GHz and above 6 GHz.

In addition, TSG#72 also stressed during the discussion that in order to release the 5G standard, the upward compatibility between the wireless and protocol designs is a key point in the phased import function and the consideration of implementing each use case.

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