Viral attacks on major websites in many areas in Sweden

On October 1, the main websites of the Swedish government, military, public services, banks, and media were attacked by viruses and could not be accessed. Swedish experts said that the target of this cyber attack is scattered and it is difficult to determine the motivation of the attack.

On the same day, the website of the Swedish three-arms headquarters was forced to activate the network defense system due to an overload attack, and it actively refused all terminal access requests to the website server. The Crime Prevention Bureau of the Swedish Ministry of Justice and the website of the Court Coordinating Agency also suffered similar attacks.

The Swedish Railways website was attacked in the morning for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, resulting in passengers being unable to book tickets online. Sites such as the Swedish News Agency, the Swedish Bank, and the Scandinavian Bank of Sweden also suffered from brief attacks.

Rysys subsequently reported that its web server logs showed that this overload attack came from “zombie hosts” that had been invaded or indirectly exploited by attackers all over the world.

Alquist, a Swedish police information technology expert, said that the targets of the cyberattacks include multiple levels of government, enterprises, and social organizations, involving media, judiciary, and other industries. However, the distribution of targets is irregular, and it is difficult to determine the motivation of the attacks.

The Swedish military and some government websites have suffered a similar cyber attack last month. Military investigators suspect that the attack was related to the rape of the founder of WikiLeaks Assange by Swedish prosecutors.

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