Strengthening lighting planning across the country

In response to the financial tsunami and the expansion of domestic demand, the central government has introduced a trillion-dollar investment plan to stimulate consumer demand in major infrastructure construction and urbanization, which will inevitably generate a large demand for lighting products. As seen in the completion, construction and planning of urban lighting projects, it can be believed that as the country expands domestic demand and urbanization, the demand for lighting products will continue to expand, so the lighting industry will have a lot to expand domestic demand, and it can also improve Contribute to the living environment of residents and promote urbanization.

Harbin 200 million yuan to implement lighting project

In 2008, Harbin City carried out lighting renovation projects for key winter roads, bridges, and residential buildings in the surrounding areas of major winter games venues, central streets, and Gogol Street. The number of projects was the highest in history. 85% of the light source uses LED energy-saving light source to achieve energy saving and environmental protection. At present, the lighting lighting project has been completed 85%, and will be completely completed before the Spring Festival. According to the person in charge of the Harbin Comprehensive Improvement Office, this year's Harbin lighting and lighting project is mainly based on the theme of the Winter Games. Each district has developed a unique lighting project according to different districts. The total investment of the project is estimated to be around 200 million yuan. At present, the Great Winter Games has entered the countdown. The focus of environmental remediation work is lighting, and construction workers are working hard. Before the Spring Festival, the entire lighting and lighting project will be completely completed.

Shantou 79.37 million yuan urban lighting Spring Festival completed

Last summer, the feasibility study report of the urban lighting construction project of the downtown area of ​​Shantou passed the evaluation of the expert group and was approved by the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau. The project will enter into substantive construction. It is understood that the estimated total investment of urban lighting construction projects in the downtown area of ​​Shantou is 79.37 million yuan. The municipal party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to this project as a popular project and practical project to improve the investment environment and living environment. At present, the 6.7-kilometer coastline landscape lighting project along the Nanbin Road on the south bank of the Inner Gulf has been basically completed, and the 1 km embankment lighting construction has been completed on the North Shore Beach Road. The entire project is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival in 2009.

Wuxi city lighting government procurement 13 million yuan

In August last year, urban lighting projects (excluding lighting maintenance) were included in government procurement. The first time this purchase was included in the airport road lighting with a budget of 16.6 million yuan. In order to ensure the quality and service of the purchased products, the Government Procurement Management Office, based on prior knowledge of the products in the lighting industry, proposes relevant technical requirements in the procurement documents with reference to the quality benchmarks of the brand lamps; in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement, approval is adopted. The government procurement method of competitive negotiation guarantees the procurement time requirement. After several rounds of negotiations, the final transaction price was 13.239.704 million yuan, the savings of procurement funds reached 3.36 million yuan, and the capital saving rate reached 20.2%.

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