Fan Jing: Airborne Baolin Energy hits a common spark

I am an airborne soldier. The management of Shanghai Baolin Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is also an opportunity and a fate. It is the two hearts that have been pursued together. Fan Jing, head of Shanghai Baolin Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Fan Jing, head of Shanghai Baolin Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Introduction to the company's development history

Shanghai Baolin Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Baolin Energy) is a share subsidiary of Shanghai Baolin Group. A joint stock company established by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration Professor Wu Haisen as a technical support. I am an airborne soldier. The management of Shanghai Baolin Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is also an opportunity and a fate. It is the two hearts that have been pursued together.

On October 28, 2008, Baolin Energy was established. As an independent accounting operation system, Baolin Energy can provide road lighting tendering, lighting project bidding, lighting or LED light source matching, solar electromagnetic board supporting services for the community. Baolin Energy is not a pure lighting company. From electrical systems such as power supplies, cables, loads, and light sources, from the production of light sources to outdoor lighting to road lighting, there are a total of 86 types of lighting products. Up to now, there are more than 200 staff members, including more than 30 researchers, more than 60 production personnel, and more than 40 business personnel. The establishment of Baolin Energy is in line with the national industrial policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, and also cooperates with related products of the Group to improve its comprehensive competitiveness.

The main direction of Baolin Energy is: open source and high throttling applications. Open source and throttling: Solar grid-connected power plants are open source, and LED applications are throttling. There are many applications for the two.

In the road lighting of high-power LED street lamps, Baolin Energy has more than 10 patents, and has completed the first standard test of routine road lighting performed by Fudan University's electric light source system. Baolin Energy's high-power LED street light products are positioned in the main road lighting, in line with the national road lighting standards, meet the light distribution safety standards, light distribution requirements, fully comply with the main road road lighting light standard LED lamps, domestic Bao Lin energy is the first.

Disapprove of traditional street lights, induction lamps, LED street lights, three points of view

The so-called traditional street lights, induction lamps, LED street lights are impossible. This is just a transitional phenomenon.

In terms of power, the electrodeless lamp has an Achilles heel: the lumen number cannot be increased any more, and the power is limited. In the street lamp application, only a small part of the non-main road lighting can be made. With the increase in the number of lumens in the LED market, the opening of LED chip technology in Germany and the United States to China can predict that when the LED street lamp reaches 100 lumens, there is no market for the electrodeless lamp.

In terms of hardware, the future LED street lights are simpler and more energy-efficient than the current ones, and do not require a cover under the cover, and the production cost will also be reduced. The electrodeless lamp is bulky, and the manufacturing cost of the lamp is much higher than that of the LED.

In terms of technology, the electrodeless lamp is a new product earlier than LED in China. Its technical content is low, the threshold is low, and there are many factories of the same sex. With 2 million, you can run an induction lamp factory, and the LED technology and patent threshold are much higher.

In addition, the electrodeless lamp has high frequency emission, magnetic radiation, and other factors that affect its use.

It is also inevitable that the fourth-generation light source LED replaces the high-pressure nano lamp It's just a long-term process, but I believe it will gradually be replaced. And energy saving and emission reduction is a big trend of the country. It is a point in time if the three-point world is unscientific.

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