Car recycling policy release

The newly released "Technical Policy for Recycling of Automobile Products" clearly states that starting from 2010, China's automobile manufacturing enterprises or import automobile general agents shall be responsible for recycling and processing the automobile products and their packaging items sold by them, and may also entrust relevant institutions and enterprises to be responsible. Recycling treatment.

The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the State Environmental Protection Administration released the "Automotive Product Recycling Technology Policy" on the 14th, saying that in the design and production of automobile products sold in China, it is necessary to fully consider the detachable and easy disassemblability of the products after they are scrapped. The principle of easy separation of different types of materials. Priority is given to technologies and processes that have high resource utilization, low levels of pollutants, and are beneficial for recycling after product disposal.

Automobile design and production prohibits the emission of toxic substances and environmentally damaging materials, reducing and eventually stopping the use of materials that are not recyclable and materials that are not environmentally friendly. Limit the use of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium.

Demolition and scrapping of automobile parts and components shall be collected, stored and kept in a safe place. Under the premise of the policy, encourage qualified disassembled parts to re-enter the circulation and use them as maintenance parts. If the original design performance is not available, Dismantling and scrapped parts without remanufacturing value shall be handed over to the corresponding material recycling enterprises, and shall not be disposed of in a manner that is harmful to the environment such as dumping, throwing, landfilling.

Three stage targets for recycling automotive products

Since 2010, the recycling rate of all domestic and imported M2 and M3, N2 and N3 vehicles will reach 85%, of which the material utilization rate is not less than 80%; all domestic and imported M1 The recoverable utilization rate of Class and N1 vehicles should reach 80%, and the material reuse rate should be no less than 75%.

Since 2012, the recycling rate of all domestic and imported M and N vehicles has reached 90%, and the material reuse rate is not less than 80%.

From 2017 onwards, the recycling rate of all domestic and imported M and N vehicles will reach 95%, and the material reuse rate will be no less than 85%.
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