LED stocks have not seen rebound cash yields become a bright spot

Since the rebound of the broader market index, LED stocks have not significantly rebounded, and the cash yield of individual stocks has increased. The packaged leader Everlight's cash yield has exceeded 6.5%, while Tangshi, Rongchuang and Dingyuan have also surpassed. 5%.

LED stocks have not yet emerged from the threat of the red supply chain. Large-scale mergers and acquisitions are mainly based on land-based factories. In 2016, the economy has been adjusted by the crystal power to be small fluctuations between seasons, making this wave of the market index rebound from the low point. Since then, the rebound of LED stocks has lagged behind the broader market, and the increase is not obvious. The cash yield of LED stocks has also become a bright spot.

According to the package leader Yiguang's interest rate of 3 yuan, compared with the closing price of Yiguang yesterday, the price was 45.7 yuan, and the cash yield reached 6.56%. The LED lighting factory Tangshi hit a record high this year, reaching 2.8 yuan, with the closing price of Tangshi yesterday. Calculated at 42.7 yuan, the cash yield is 6.53%.

Dingyuan's interest rate for this year is 1.0236 yuan, compared with the closing price of 12.5 yuan on the 25th, the cash yield is 8.2%; the other is Rongyi's interest rate of 1.5 yuan, the allotment rate is 63%, and the implied cash yield is as high as 6.67%.

However, LED stocks have been weak in performance this year. At present, the market value of Jingdian is only 21 billion yuan, and Yiguang is only 19.934 billion yuan, a total of only 40.934 billion yuan. Compared with the total market value of 146.7 billion yuan in the heyday, the gap is far. .

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