Bringing together the world's leading optoelectronic technology and display technology departments to jointly create "2010 Shenzhen Photoelectric Display Week" and "Shenzhen (International) Color TV Festival"

On March 19, 2010, Shenzhen Photoelectric Display Week was co-sponsored by the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, and the Shenzhen Science, Technology, Industry, Trade and Information Technology Committee. The press conference of “Shenzhen (International) Color TV Festival” (referred to as CODE&CTVF 2010) was held in the multi-function hall of Zone B of Shenzhen Civic Center. “Shenzhen Photoelectric Display Week” and “Shenzhen (International) Color TV Festival” will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from May 8 to May 10, 2010. It is reported that the three-day exhibition will fully present the industrial chain of upstream materials and manufacturing equipment, midstream devices and modules, and downstream terminal and display integration applications, creating a unique business platform for the booming optoelectronic and display industry in China. At present, there are nearly 300 domestic and foreign exhibitors, and the total exhibition area is expected to reach 15,000 square meters.

The press conference received high attention and strong support from the leaders of the provinces and municipalities. Deputy Secretary-General Yu Zhonghou of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Wang Bohua, inspector of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Guangdong Economic and Information Technology Commission, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission Shenzhen Science and Technology Industry and Trade and Information Technology Committee, China Electronic Video Industry Association, China Optical Photoelectronics Association, China Electronics News, China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association Liquid Crystal Branch, China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association LED Display Application Branch, China Electronics Video Association Plasma Professional Committee, Guangdong Flat Panel Display Industry Promotion Association, Guangdong Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Promotion Association, Shenzhen Clean Industry Association, Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association, Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association LCD Branch, Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Leaders of government associations such as touch screens and other leaders of government agencies and industry coordinators attended, Samsung, LG, AUO, Huaxing Optoelectronics, TCL, Konka, Changhong, Rainbow, Shengbo, Skyworth, Qingyi Optoelectronics, Diguang, Lehman photoelectric,
CODE&CTVF 2010 will focus on “showing life in the future”. It will be divided into four parts: exhibition, forum, selection and business activities. It will focus on the latest developments in TV, FPD, LED, touch display and consumer electronics industries and related industries. Products and technologies. In order to further promote the construction of national innovative cities in the provinces and municipalities, fully develop and utilize the advantageous resources of Shenzhen in the field of terminal display, and vigorously build the city card of Shenzhen “color TV capital” to promote the development of new flat panel display industry, in TCL Under the advocacy of color TV giants such as Konka, Skyworth, Changhong, etc., CODE & CTVF 2010 will be held for the first time during CODE 2010 & Color TV Festival. At that time, China Flat TV Exhibition, 3C Product Trade Show will be held and “2009 leader in flat panel TV industry will be selected. ", "outstanding contribution of color TV industry", "consumer's favorite flat-panel TV" and other series of activities. According to the reporter, the color TV festival not only attracted the attention of the four major color TV giants such as TCL, Konka, Skyworth and Changhong, but also attracted dozens of second- and third-line color TV companies in China. The event has now attracted the participation of well-known companies in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Through the active invitation of China Electronic Video Industry Association, China Optical Optoelectronics Association, China Electronics News and Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association, it has successfully invited to include the United States, South Korea, Japan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Thailand, the Netherlands, A large number of large traders, distributors and buyers from Saudi Arabia, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Spain and other countries came to the exhibition. In addition, there will be many mainland Chinese buyers to visit during the exhibition. The main co-organizers will also hold a number of exchange meetings to bring the supply and demand sides into contact. Moreover, the main co-organizers are also looking forward to exploring more business opportunities through the stimulation of China's many high-generation panel lines and Chinese home appliances to the countryside.

CODE&CTVF 2010 has won the support of Shenzhen Huaxing Optoelectronics, Shenzhen Superelectronics, BOE, Leybold and other Chinese panel makers and internationally renowned panel giants such as Samsung, LGD and AUO. Among them, Samsung's exhibition area has doubled compared with last year, and LGD will bring its latest products and technologies to participate in such professional exhibitions held in mainland China for the first time. In order to cooperate with the 6th generation of BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics 8.5th generation TFT-LCD panel line in Hefei and Shenzhen, under the initiative of BOE and TCL, “Shenzhen, Hefei high-generation LCD panel equipment and materials are specially set up during the exhibition. "Special Zone" to showcase China's FPD materials and equipment and other related products and related research results.

It is also worth mentioning that during the same period, keynote speeches and high-level business talks will be held at the "China and Foreign Flat Panel Display Industry CEO Summit" and "Color TV Industry Summit". Among them, Chinese and foreign panel makers and equipment manufacturers senior managers will talk about "China Tablet". It is worth looking forward to the activity of showing the direction of localization of industrial equipment manufacturing. The forum's lecturer lineup is not to be underestimated. In addition to the invitation of international panel giants Samsung and LGD executives, China's flat panel display industry leaders BOE, TCL, Changhong, Konka, Skyworth, Tianma and AUO, Xinqimei and Japan's leading brands. The company’s chairman and president’s executives will all be present. By then, CODE&CTVF 2010 will once again become the focus of the world's optoelectronic display industry and 3C terminal application market, and Pengcheng's image will add new colors.

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